Body Parts No Woman Can Resist

Body Parts No Woman Can Resist

Although many women are cautious, there are areas of your body that they pay more attention to and that you probably ignore, so it is time for you to get to know them and focus more on improving them.

Many men, in their eagerness to facilitate the task of conquering girls, run to the gym to exercise and look good, however, we tend to work the whole body without giving emphasis to a specific area because we do not know what precisely those areas of the body are. that they cannot resist.

It has been shown through different surveys that there are a total of five parts of the body to which girls pay more attention, although of course, it will depend a lot on each person, however, it is good to know in order to act correctly.

And of course going to the gym should not disappear, exercising is a very good habit that, in addition to styling our figure, keeps us healthy, because obviously without health, no project could come to fruition, so it is best to continue exercising.

Wide shoulders: A man with wide shoulders is a strong and manly looking man, therefore, if you are very thin, there is no turning of the page, you have to train your body with special emphasis on the shoulders, although of course, that takes time, so for now you can support yourself with the use of blazers, vests or jackets that create the same visual effect.

Taking care of your hair and facial hair are essential to look extremely good. Photo: Unsplash

Forearms: As incredible as it may seem, women have a certain attraction towards the forearms of boys, so here we go again, if you exercise you can make your veins look a little more prominent, and by doing so you will give an appearance of great strength , but there are also other tips that have a more immediate effect, from raising your sleeves to uncover the forearms or adding accessories such as a watch or bracelets to draw attention to this site.

Your mouth: In short, the mouth is one of the most desired parts of the body by women, and therefore it is important to take care of their hygiene, from having a correct wash that includes a good toothbrush, which by the way you can experiment by changing a manual brush to an electric one, change your traditional toothpaste for one that has organic ingredients, use rinse, dental floss and even go to the dentist for a deep professional cleaning at least twice a year.

Buttocks: Although it is girls who by nature are better proportioned than men, gentlemen also attract more attention when they have fairly well proportioned buttocks, that is why they should work more on this part, since although It doesn’t seem like it, they do look at this area, and they can feel proud or disappointed in you, depending on how presentable they are.