How to face a forbidden love

How to face a forbidden love

Forbidden love occurs in different situations, En Pareja explains them and tells you how to deal with it

Many people throughout their lives have gone through the experience of having a forbidden love , but in reality that is their perception. That love may not be as forbidden as it seems, you just have to have will and patience.

A forbidden love it can be from one person to another who is married, and there is also the possibility that it is reciprocal. When it is, those involved will simply have to make decisions.

If the married man does not want to leave his partner, then he may not be so in love and so committed, so ask yourself if you want a relationship in which you are the second option. If you are not reciprocated, there is not much to do, just accept it and move on.

Ask yourself, how far is that love forbidden? Photo: Freepik

Another case of forbidden love can be that of a student-teacher couple, as school rules prohibit this type of relationship, which is almost always the product of idealization and admiration for a teacher. If he survives the time, they can wait for the school bond to end.

The most difficult forbidden loves are those that link the partner of a sister or friend, for example. In these cases, loyalty must be towards the one we love the most, which is supposed to be family or friends, since they were before the other person and their relationship may be of better quality and more lasting than that of the one who is in discord.

It is best not to hurt other people Photo: Freepik

In any case, ask yourself how far this love is prohibited, or how much fear you have to establish a relationship that you think will go wrong. Don’t get ahead of the facts and do your best to get closer and really get to know the person.

Things always fall into place and if it’s not for you, you can surely build the relationship you want later on.

In case your relationship definitely has no future, here’s how to forget a forbidden love.