Beautiful Greek Names For Boys, Worthy Of The Gods

Beautiful Greek Names For Boys, Worthy Of The Gods

If you are expecting a boy, the following Greek names will be an excellent option to find an original name with a special meaning, worthy of the gods.

From the moment parents know that a baby is on the way, one of the questions that they ask themselves even without knowing if it is a boy or a girl is what name they will give it, something that usually causes a conflict since there are a wide variety of options.

Some mothers or couples opt for the most traditional, others join their names and create one, some go by what the calendar says, however a good option is to check the Greek names for babies, worthy of the gods . The choice of the child’s name is very important, as it is forever that both parents should like it.

Currently choosing a name is a bit complicated since these are not limited only to the place where they live and many parents choose foreign names for their little ones, such as English, Japanese, Italian, Basque and even Arab. Some are rare and original and others are worthy of the Gods as is the case with the Greeks.

Beautiful Greek names for boys, worthy of the gods. Photo: Unsplash
  • Achilles: It honors the mythical hero of The Iliad, Homer’s epic poem that narrates the Trojan War.
  • Adrian: It means "wealth" and describes a powerful and greedy man.
  • Alessandro: It means "protector of humanity" and it was a fairly common name among kings in ancient Greece.
  • Bethlehem: It means "arrow" and is related to war skills.
  • Cristophe: Man with a great capacity to guide the rest on the right path.
  • Constantine: It means "constant" and is worthy of a brave and fighting man.
  • Corban: It is "gift dedicated to God."
  • Deacon: Means "servant" and "messenger".
  • Deo: It means "like God".
  • Eros: He was the god of love according to Greek mythology, the little winged angel, better known as Cupid.
  • Eugene: It is a rather curious name that means "born with a star", that is to say with a lot of luck.
  • Ezio: "Eagle".
  • Faust: It means "lucky" and refers to the myth of Faust, who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for unlimited knowledge and pleasure.
  • Felipe: It means ‘the one who loves horses’ and is related to the love of nature and living beings.
  • Gregory: Cautious, vigilant and quite protective man.
  • Hercules: It honors the famous hero from Greek mythology, which means "exceptionally strong."
  • Homer: It means "promise" and was the name of the famous Greek poet, creator of the epic poems The Iliad and The Odyssey.
  • Julián: It refers to youth, the jovial and fun-loving man.
  • Kosmos: It is related to order, the opposite of chaos and it is also designated to the universe.
  • Kristo: It means carrier.
  • Leo: It refers to Leon, a strong, brave, wild and adventurous man.