Don’t Give Your Children Everything You Didn’t Have

Don't Give Your Children Everything You Didn't Have

In raising children it is important that you consider not giving them everything by the hand because you did not have it, the whim is not good

To think that giving your children everything for the fact that you did not have this opportunity is a ship that sails towards caprice and manipulation , which in the future translates into spoiled but poorly educated children, you must be firm and not spoil it too much.

Sometimes parents in their attempt to make their child happy give everything, even the smallest whim that their children want but they do not realize where the limit is , it is worth pampering your child but not giving him that tool as weapon so that he can manipulate you or turn into a spoiled child.

Satisfying a wish of your child because he behaved well or got good grades in school is valid, because the child learns that he has to fight for what he wants and make an effort to get it , you are teaching something positive to your child and that is fine, but when the reward does not have any effort on the part of the child then the opposite may be the case.

Don’t give your children everything you didn’t have. Photo: Unsplash

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If we talk about how children can throw a tantrum to get it and parents in an attempt to calm it down, this is already a behavior that leads the child to think that with a simple tantrum they can get what they want and that is then that manipulation comes. .

When the child learns that just by crying he can get what he wants, the parents become slaves of their children and the children in turn become capricious so that in the future they cannot face their problems, they do not grow as people and do not ripen.

Don’t give your children everything you didn’t have. Photo: Unsplash

Prevent your children from becoming dependent on you, not because you did not have what you can now give them does it mean that you give it to them by hand, put limits in this relationship between parents and children and teach them to fight for what they want with effort and dedication.

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In the future, your children will appreciate that you have set guidelines to obtain their favorite toy or a candy, when in adulthood, what they obtain they do with care and effort, that will make them feel proud .