How Each Sign Reacts To Heartbreak And Betrayal

How Each Sign Reacts To Heartbreak And Betrayal

Some signs of the zodiac are very sensitive and do not know how to react to the pain left by heartbreak

Each zodiac sign has a different personality and each one reacts differently to heartbreak . When they are abandoned by their partner, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend they cannot contain their emotions and react like this.

Some signs of the zodiac are very sensitive and do not know how to react to the pain left by heartbreak. IN COUPLE tells you how does each sign react to heartbreak ?

Fire zodiac signs:


Aries is a very sensitive sign and when he is deceived he feels outraged and knows that he will have a bad time, sadness invades him and he is one of those who after crying wipes his tears and goes to the gym or uses boxing to release all that go to.

After the courage passes, only recognizes the one who loses it is who lost you. The upset does not last long, since soon she will begin to go out again and will manage to have another partner to alleviate that pain.

This is how each sign reacts to heartbreak.
This is how each sign reacts to heartbreak.


Leo is distracted with friends by falling out of love and recovers quickly from breakups. Crying goes through his period of sadness but then recognizes what was not worth it. After a few days he comes out with his head held high.

The signs of Leo are faithful while the other is with him, as soon as the other stops being it, turn the page and be careful because they are vindictive.


Sagittarius takes refuge in nature, it is very sensitive. Heartbreak is forgotten after climbing a mountain or a fun outing to the beach, to change of scene. This sign wants to be happy and rebuild its life, live experiences, fall in love and be happy.

Zodiac signs earth


Taurus is torn to pieces after a betrayal, they can sink into depression and their desire to go out is taken away but they will vent fighting against the opposite sex, because they are very visceral.

It is very difficult for him to replace that person in his heart, because when they fall in love they give everything and every time they lose in love it leaves a great scar on their heart.


Virgo will feel like dying. They put the couple in the first place, they are everything and after a lack of love they would lock themselves in their house for a good time, they do not like to talk about their sadness with almost anyone and they are very jealous people.

After suffering a betrayal, you could go out with a smile, without anyone not knowing what happens to you.

Signs that can't stand being fooled.
Signs that can’t stand being fooled.


Capricorn is very proud and a betrayal is considered inconceivable. He can’t stand being left for someone else, he’s used to leaving but not being left and when they get married they are usually loves for life.

These signs would suffer from a lot of shame when they are abandoned by their partner and they would not bear the social pressure for that reason sometimes they prefer not to leave the house.

Air zodiac signs:


Gemini is a very sensitive and strong sign. He would not stop crying at a betrayal by his partner but he would not depress an outing with his friends despite the pain because he knows that staying home would be worse.

She loves to make love and after a few days she understands that life goes on and also that there is a lot of love to give. These signs are haunted by dramas.


Libra is so attractive and loves to go out and have fun. The betrayals affect them but they do not get hooked and soon they rebuild their lives. Without realizing it, she would already be dating someone else.

Libran are quickly seduced.

Libra is so attractive and loves to go out and have fun.
Libra is so attractive and loves to go out and have fun.


Aquarius reacts coldly and they immediately overcome. They are friendly and original, so it won’t take long to find someone, with whom they will connect intellectually.

Aquarius will focus on working after a betrayal.

Water signs of the zodiac:


Cancer is so proud that he prefers to hide his anger for a while but it is very dramatic and might think of jumping out of a window. Faced with a betrayal, he would not stop screaming and wondering why? Why him?

These signs are wonderful and they don’t understand why a person abandons them. Your life could be cut short by a breakup, forcing you to rethink your entire life.


Scorpio would not show anything and get angry but he would save all his feelings and continue to lead his normal life as if nothing had happened.

The truth is that it hurts so much that they abandon them that they prefer not to say it and although they tend to be unfaithful when they really want to, they completely surrender.

Scorpio is unfaithful.
Scorpio is unfaithful.


Pisces will go to a corner to cry after being abandoned and wonder what he did wrong but things do not depend on him. He knows that happiness has to come so he looks for a substitute soon that can help him forget his pain.

These signs often use people for their convenience in matters of love.