How to keep your child from being taken advantage of too well

How To Avoid Being Taunted On Your Too Good Child

These are the things you should teach your overly good little one to prevent others from taking advantage of their noble feelings and being abused.

There are many advantages of having a child with good feelings, since his nobility will steal everyone’s heart , however, he also has a negative part to see himself more vulnerable when he leaves home, that is, that others take advantage of his pure and noble soul . That is why it is extremely important that you teach him how to defend himself in case others want to abuse him.

It should be noted that temperament is marked from the moment of birth. So children from an early age can have a tendency to be nervous , restless , irritable , fearful, but it is also possible that they are obedient, calm, orderly, responsible and protective, something that may seem perfect to us. That is why we must know how to avoid taking advantage of your child if he is too good and with beautiful feelings.

One of the characteristics of these children is that they are willing to attend to all the needs of others, getting to do things that sometimes they do not want in order to please others and assert themselves; They try to do everything themselves without help and autonomously so that others rejoice and do not have to give their help.

How to avoid being taken advantage of your too good child

They rarely show aggressive emotions, get angry or throw tantrums and tend to interact little with other children and obey adults all the time. Now, how to protect them from those who want to take advantage of their good feelings?

Communication: Parents should talk to their children very often, listen to them without judging, or minimize their problems. This way, the little ones will feel more confident and will ask for help when they have to face a possible bullying situation.

Norms and limits: It is extremely important that parents always try to set a type of norms and limits appropriate to the child’s age. There should never be an iron discipline, much less submissive. The key is in balance.

The child’s self-esteem: Parents should put all their effort into ensuring that the little ones cannot be considered inferior. Therefore, they will have to reinforce the children’s self-esteem whenever possible. To achieve this, socialization with their peers must be improved, seeking an environment in which they feel safer and above all understood.

Autonomy: You have to let the little one do things that he can do for himself. Parents have to set goals appropriate to his age and abilities so that he can exceed them. In this way, the foundations will be laid so that you will be able to think for yourself and in the future you can have the necessary tools to be able to face all the pressures.

Teach him to identify inappropriate behavior: When abusive and inappropriate comments and actions are given, generally good children may seem silly and do not give them the importance they have when in fact they are signs of possible bullying. That is why it is of the utmost importance to be shown when others are not acting appropriately, so that they will flee from that situation.

Let them know how to say NO: Bullies feel confident that their victims will never contradict them. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that these types of children learn from a very young age to face situations that they do not like, knowing how to say NO, loud and clear.