How To Make Up Catrina Step By Step For Your Costume

How To Make Up Catrina Step By Step For Your Costume

One of the most popular traditions in Mexico is the Day of the Dead and its catrina makeup that they also use on Halloween.

Disguising yourself is not only child’s play less when Halloween comes, this holiday is more representative of the United States but there are those who combine it with the Day of the Dead in Mexico and the original catrinas.

Putting on makeup as a catrina or dressing up as such is a tradition, there are countless models that you can make, but there are a series of steps you can follow to get the perfect makeup for these festivities.

Black and white paint is basic to achieve a catrina makeup step by step, there are those who say that they always end up looking like a panda bear characteristic of their face in these two tones.

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La Catrina is the image associated with the celebration of the Day of the Dead with more than 100 years of history, but now on October 31 we also see it reflected mainly in women who put their creativity in them.

How to put on a catrina makeup step by step for your costume. Photo: Pixabay

Even though it is the same catrina design, each person looks different, the colors to something that also stands out in her and tries to complement her with accessories such as the classic flower crowns and she even puts shiny stones and more on her face.

Material to be used

  • Moisturizer
  • Black and white makeup
  • Purple and blue eyeshadow or makeup (you can also use pink, red, or some other color of your choice).
  • Eyeliner in black pencil.
  • A thin brush for makeup.
  • Red fancy stones and lash glue (optional)
  • Makeup sponge (if you don’t have one, you can use your hands)


Before starting to make up, you have to prepare the face, wash your face very well and add moisturizer, there are also those who put a little Vaseline, or directly a primer, this so that the paint adheres better and does not crack.

With the black eyeliner mark a kind of circles around the eyes, we are going to fill them with black without reaching the center, in the middle we apply excess of the color you choose trying to combine them.

Now we will make up the face white with the help of a sponge if you wish you can go down to the neck, a tip that some use is to put a little talcum powder on the face so that the paint adheres better and looks clearer.

In the area of ​​the cheekbones towards the mouth, place some lines of black paint which barriers down a bit to blur, this gives depth and makes your face look thinner like a skull.

Around the eye circles, take the black eyeliner again and you will make a kind of glued petals or semi circles which you will then fill with another colored shadow or colored eyeliner if that is what you have on hand.

On these petals you can apply a shiny stone, it is optional. Make a kind of inverted black triangle at the tip of the nose, to now continue shaping the mouth which will simulate teeth.

Draw a wide black line on each side of the corner of the lips. Then in the center of it we will draw a heart type to which we will give color to give a touch of femininity.

Later we will draw with the eyeliner a few vertical lines from lip to lip what we want is to draw the teeth, and voila, among the extra details is the placing of false eyelashes.

We can also add other drawings such as frets, lines, petals on the forehead or around the face, decorate with more color and stones, give more depth with a sponge by placing black paint on the contour of the face, around the forehead and more. let your imagination fly