Chamomile Infusion To Grow Eyelashes

Chamomile Infusion To Grow Eyelashes

Clean, strong and abundant eyelashes you will achieve with the constant application of chamomile infusion daily

The eyelashes mark the look and give a unique expression, women love them and are always looking for how to make them look incredible, healthy and not fall, a remedy is to make an infusion of chamomile to help with their growth.

Although nowadays eyelash extensions are in trend, the best will always be the most natural, of course it is all a matter of taste but chamomile is an ally home remedy for some discomforts but also in beauty.

Chamomile is a herbaceous plant with fragrant flowers with a yellow center and white petals with which teas are specially made when cooking or drying, applying this infusion on the eyelashes you will achieve constant changes.

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Chamomile to grow eyelashes. Photo: Pixabay

You can easily find chamomile as the plant is in the market or health food stores, as well as the super market, also the most viable thing is that you buy a box with tea bags just to prepare it in hot water.

Although you may not believe it, the eyelashes, just like the skin, is exposed to dust, excess sun, makeup, which are making you weak, dull and brittle, which is the reason to be extremely careful like the rest of the skin.

Chamomile infusion.

Take half a glass of hot water and place an envelope of chamomile tea for about 10 minutes waiting for all the concentrate to come out, after this time you will let it rest to cool a little but not completely.

With the help of a cotton ball you will soak it and go from top to bottom without pressing too much, this to strengthen the root and clean in depth, also give small touches and let it absorb for about 5 minutes then rinse with water.

Repeat this process daily you can store your infusion in a jar and be warmed only a little, apply at night, in the morning, it also helps you relax if you can leave the cotton on for a while and rest for a few minutes, it also works as an anti-inflammatory.