If You Put Aloe Vera In The Shampoo Your Hair Will Thank You

If You Put Aloe Vera In The Shampoo, Your Hair Will Thank You

An effective remedy to give body and hydration to the hair, add aloe vera to the shampoo and you will see the big changes

Keeping hair healthy and looking good is what we seek every day and especially when it has been subjected to chemical processes or the weather has wreaked havoc, aloe can be a good ally in those cases.

Putting aloe vera in your shampoo is something that your hair will appreciate since the properties that this plant has in restoration are impressive, as well as being used for various home remedies such as skin burns.

When we have important events, possibly the first thing we want to change is our hair and we subject it to high temperatures either to straighten it or to curl it, that is when it burns or dries out and the shampoo with aloe vera will help us bring it back to life.

If you put aloe vera in the shampoo, your hair will appreciate it. Photo: Pixabay

When buying a shampoo, we always choose it according to what we want it to do for us, we can choose the Chinese one, for straightness, that restores us, hydrates, eliminates dandruff, to maintain the color and more in all of them the aloe can go.

Aloe is also known as aloe vera, it is a plant that for years has been known as a medicinal plant since we can not only spread it on hair or body but we can also eat it and it protects the body from irritants and ulcers.

How to add aloe vera to shampoo?

You will need a stalk of aloe which you will split in half and extract the inside, the viscous pulp will be introduced to the blender for a few seconds to break down and it will be what you will add to the shampoo that you use daily.

Take out half of your shampoo and reserve, add the batter mixture and introduce the other half, use it regularly after a massage on the scalp and rinse tips, the other way to use aloe in the hair is to put it in a spray and spray it completely to stand and wash.

You will see how day by day the hair looks better, it will look with a better body, you will touch it and you will notice the change, a natural, inexpensive and effective remedy.

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