How To Make Up Your Eyebrows To Look Younger And More Attractive

How To Make Up Your Eyebrows To Look Younger And More Attractive

If you want to outline the face, achieve a rejuvenating look, soften your features and highlight the look, you must pay close attention to the way in which you are going to make up your eyebrows.

The eyebrows are the arch of your gaze, for this reason you should pay too much attention to the way you are going to do it, since doing it correctly your face will change completely and you will be able to look much younger, attractive and even interesting. You will attract everyone’s attention.

There are many trends to make up your eyebrows and look younger and more attractive that you will find on social networks, however few talk about what benefits your style and age. So you should know that there are some tricks worth taking into account to achieve a rejuvenating look when painting that area.

Until recently, eyebrow makeup was very basic and only experts knew the techniques that were able to give more power to face looks, but with the passage of time we have confirmed that makeup in this area of ​​the face can mark the difference and not only improve the style, but soften the features and create a more youthful appearance.

How to make up your eyebrows to look younger and more attractive. Photo: Pexels

Choose the right shade: You should bear in mind that the more similar the color to your hair, the better the result, otherwise the makeup will be too obvious and it will look like a stain.

Comb in the right direction: Eyebrow hair tends to point slightly upward and then to the side. This will depend on your personal taste, but you can bet on this shape or the natural direction of your eyebrow. This will make it look better.

Mark the high point of the eyebrow: That slight peak will be in charge of lengthening the face and it is of the utmost importance that you do it in the right place. Try to locate the edge of your iris with your gaze fixed on the front, it should be at that point that they raise the eyebrow a little when applying makeup.

Take good care of the beginning: The beginning of the eyebrow is quite important because it is usually a little lighter than the rest. Here you should not overdo makeup as the effect may be the opposite of what you are looking for.

The finish: The end of the eyebrow is also very important, since you should not exceed the length, but you should not make it too small either. In an intermediate length you will have a positive result.

Try not to mark more than necessary: A fairly common mistake when doing eyebrow makeup is marking more color than you really need. That is why it is important that you make smooth strokes and select a product that allows you to be much more precise.

There are also some things to avoid, as they could make you look much older than you really are:

Painting the eyebrow too thin: Remember that with the passage of time, the eyebrows lose volume and color, so the thinner the eyebrow, the older you will look.

Poorly maintained: You must pay attention to the care you are going to pay to the eyebrows, since it is of the utmost importance that you do not abuse makeup, even if you love to do it. Remember that from time to time the capillaries should rest.