In Sensual Poses Jlo Makes Clear To Her Ex What She Is Capable Of

In Sensual Poses Jlo Makes It Clear To Her Ex What She Is Capable Of

The separation between Jennifer López and Alex Rodríguez surprised everyone, because it seemed that in that relationship a wedding would take place, however, none of that was possible; Today JLo shows what he is capable of

One of the most beautiful women in the middle of the show is undoubtedly Jennifer López, who has recently been in the eye of the hurricane for the end of her failed relationship with Alex Rodríguez, a former professional American baseball player of Dominican descent who played in Las shortstop and third base positions, and today the singer in very sensual poses makes it clear to her ex what she is capable of.

A few days after the official announcement of their separation was given, the beautiful Jennifer was seen very well accompanied by the actor Ben Affleck, who had been her sentimental partner between 2002 and 2004, now life would have brought them together again, and they spent some very romantic days in Montana, with which any kind of reconciliation between her and Alex Rodríguez fell apart.

Well they say that time heals everything, and several weeks after ending their relationship, Jennifer López seems to have turned the page and concentrates on moving forward with her new life, to show the song and the video clip that she just released recently titled "Change the step", where he looks very sensual, as if it were a very clear message to his ex of what he is capable of.

Precisely yesterday on his social network, "The girl from the Bronx", he shared a small clip of what is the video "Change the step", which is already available on some music platforms, such as on YouTube where it was released last July 8 and so far it has more than three million visits.

The word "Advance" and "Change the step", stand out in the small video published on her social network, there the singer is seen posing in different ways at all times very sensual, highlighting her clothing a short and a bra, hair collecting and enjoying the wonders of the sea, the sun and the sand.

This new musical proposal comes from the hand of Rauw Alejandro where different scenarios are shown recreating a life of singleness and dance, because in the song “Cambia el paso” a sample of rhythmic fusions was achieved in which fresh sounds were combined within of the urban genre.

The video was filmed in the American city of Miami by the Dominican director Jessy Terrero, and it highlights the professionalism and beauty of Jennifer López who after 30 years of artistic career has shown how good a dancer she is, since not only She shows on stage if not also in each of her videos, like this one, that she will surely be the icon of many single women who have ended a relationship.