In Shorcito Salma Hayek’s Daughter Outshines With Her Beauty

In Shorcito Salma Hayek's Daughter Outshines With Her Beauty

Valentina Paloma is the spitting image of Salma Hayek and impresses with those youthful looks that she wears on the streets, how big she is, every day more beautiful!

Although her parents prefer to keep her out of the public eye, they have shown on very special occasions some photos next to the young girl, even the paparazzi have captured her several times and they have surprised how beautiful she looks, the years have passed and each time She looks more like her famous mom, in frayed shorcito Salma Hayek’s daughter outshines with her beauty and style.

She is just like her mother, with her she shares several physical traits that make them look identical, but she also shares certain characteristics with her father, the French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, on some information that is known about the teenager, is that she is a lover of fashion, as she proved when she showed off in a frayed shorcito, thus the daughter of Salma Hayek outshines with her beauty and style on the streets.

Salma Hayek has a happy marriage of 12 years next to Francois-Henri Pinault, together they procreated a daughter named Valentina Paloma, who came into their lives on September 21, 2007, they have not had her hidden from the press, but neither has many appearances in front of the camera, have left it to the adolescent herself who decides if she wants to have a public life or not.

Salma Hayek
In frayed shorcito daughter of Salma Hayek outshines with her beauty and style. Photo: Instagram.

But in some important events, Salma Hayek has arrived accompanied by her first-born, as we saw her at the Golden Globes at the beginning of this 2021, in addition to being captured on the streets of the United States shopping with her and spending time mother and daughter, the two are like drops of water, very similar.

With almost 14 years of age, it is known that Valentina Paloma is a lover of fashion, her closet is distinguished by having clothes from Italian and French firms, her good taste in dressing was inherited from her parents, the same can surprise with a dress tight purple, as with a more street style outfit, but that suits her well and adding the touch of her bearing.

In a photograph that circulates on Instagram, you can see how much Valentina Paloma has grown and the flow that she handles when dressing, as she was modeling with a frayed light blue denim shorcito, she knows that this garment is essential for your day-to-day looks that cannot be missing from your wardrobe to cope with hot days.

This shorcito combined it with a white blouse with a spring at the waist and lace forming the neckline of the garment and short sleeves, with these two outfits, Valentina Paloma achieved a very casual style, but youthful, fresh and according to her age , with her hair down, very little makeup, and wearing a mask walking down the shopping street with her mother.

But the daughter is not only the one with style and good bearing, Salma Hayek also wanted to look just as youthful as her daughter, showing that at 54 she still looks spectacular, so she opted for overalls and a white blouse, yes, she She tried to go completely unnoticed on the streets, so she wore sunglasses and a hat, which, although not so consistent with the look, helped her.

With a maxi bag hanging, Salma Hayek enjoyed a good walk with her heiress Valentina Paloma, who is undoubtedly hot on her heels in terms of beauty, the teenager is very pretty and with a style to dress that many envy her.