I’m not anyone’s best friend, but it’s not that bad and it’s okay

I'm not anyone's best friend, but it's not that bad and it's okay

There are friends to go out to party, at school, at work, but not being the best friend of anybody is not as bad as it sounds.

There are many types of friends, party, school, work and those who only look for you when they need something, "I’m not anyone’s best friend, but it’s not that bad and it’s okay" , let’s talk about this and why is it not as sad as it seems.

Perhaps you have been jealous of those friends that are unconditional and that they do everything together, although it is not enough reason to feel the worst, not being the best friend of anybody is not so bad and it is good.

Feeling that you are the option and not the priority in your circle of friends, that you are not someone’s unconditional or that they do not trust you with their most intimate secrets, should not be something depressing, not being the best friend of anyone is also fine.

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Best friend
I’m not anyone’s best friend, but it’s not that bad and it’s okay. Photo: Unsplash.

You have friends, but you do not feel that you are that strength of someone in particular, you do not think that you stand out among them, you just go out and have fun by their side, but from there it does not happen, it is not spending hours telling about your life, about exes or any kind of drama.

But you shouldn’t suffer from this situation of not feeling like someone’s best friend, sometimes we don’t fit in perfectly with the rest of the world, but that’s what it’s all about, that each one is different.

Not knowing your whole life about that "friend" or not being confidants, it is not so bad, your happiness cannot depend on a circle of friends, who is not willing to receive all the best of you that you can give, does not deserve your sadness .

You do not need to have that "best friend" concept about you, nor a medal on your neck that reminds you that you are someone else’s unconditional, simply loneliness as well as interacting with several people at the same time, it is also enjoyed.

Changing your personality and your essence just to try to please and be the best friend of someone is not the way, value your independence, your own opinion and trust yourself, be sure of everything you are, without seeking the approval of that circle of friends.

Sometimes the lack of friendship helps you to trust yourself twice and to be very sure of yourself, to risk stepping on ground that sometimes is not so firm and accept the consequences of your actions, perhaps not all of us are destined to have or be someone’s best friend.

Having a very special connection with a friend is nice, but if you don’t get it, it’s not that bad and it shouldn’t steal your peace, remember that the main thing is to be good with yourself.

It is good to have friends to go out to party, to help you with your homework, with whom you can attend meetings, but if you do not have someone who stands out among all of them in the first place, it is not serious, just enjoy the moments in their company, because remember that not being the best friend of anybody is not so bad and it is good.