The Benefits of Spinning

The Benefits of Spinning

This has become one of people’s favorite exercises, spinning brings many health benefits and if you want to lose weight it is a good option

Spinning is one of the most popular activities today, which also brings great benefits to the people who practice it.

Spinning is practiced on a stationary bike and is usually done in a group with the instruction of a monitor. This is responsible for setting the intensity of each moment with the help of music, so it is not a linear exercise.

Each class typically lasts between 45 minutes and an hour and rarely exceeds that time.

Spinning is practiced on a stationary bicycle, it brings great benefits to health. Photo: EFE / Luis Tejido

How to prepare for the session

The wardrobe, as in any sport, is important. The shoes should be comfortable and allow good foot and ankle movement when pedaling. As for clothing, any intended for sports and that allow mobility and perspiration is correct. If you take into account that you are going to be sitting for a long time, it is recommended that the shorts or mesh have padded protection that prevents chafing with the seat and subsequent discomfort.

It is very important to go to the session with a bottle of water to maintain hydration. A towel, wristband or band is always a good complement that helps maintain hygiene, since when burning fat the level of sweating is high.

Optionally, more technical objects that provide data such as caloric expenditure or heart rate can be carried during the class.

Spinning benefits

No risk of injury

Spinning is one of the sports practices that has the least risk of injury as it is a low-impact exercise. Joints and back don’t suffer during workouts, so just about anyone can spin.

Helps fight stress

Being a high intensity exercise and with a great cardiovascular work helps to eliminate accumulated tension. Therefore, spinning is one of the best practices that can be done after a long workday by releasing stress while pedaling vigorously.

Tone your body

Spinning is one of the preferred workouts to tone various body areas. The high intensity of each session allows the strengthening of the legs and buttocks as they are the areas that reach the most performance. Not only is the lower body trained, but it also helps define other areas of the body such as the abdominals at certain points in the session, especially when performing bends.

Burns calories and helps you lose weight

One of the main benefits of spinning is that it helps burn calories and fat. In a session of normal intensity you can burn about 700 calories. For this reason, spinning has become one of the most complete sports by burning fat and toning muscles at the same time. For fat burning to translate into weight loss, activity must be accompanied by a healthy diet.

Improves cardiovascular health

Spending an hour pedaling a bicycle turns spinning into a practice known as "cardio". In this way, the health of the heart is improved and, therefore, the risk of suffering from heart disease is reduced. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels are also lowered.

Raise self-esteem

As in any sport, getting challenges and goals increases the athlete’s self-esteem. If to this is added a body aesthetic improvement and greater performance and sports stamina, it will help the person to see themselves better. This allows greater mental strength to be obtained as you are achieving goals and finding yourself better with your own body.

Encourage relationships

Spinning is a sport that is practiced in a group and is directed by a monitor. As they are group trainings, they are much more enjoyable and help to empathize with others, encouraging individual effort to improve oneself.