Getting up late creates serious psychological problems

Getting up late creates serious psychological problems

Sleeping late is one of the pleasures that many people enjoy, but despite being one of the things they enjoy the most, they have disadvantages for people

One of the guilty pleasures of people is sleeping, but there is a very big difference between sleeping as a normal practice or sleeping late into the day . Some of these disadvantages of sleeping late have to do with psychology.

People in the evening have an unusual rest schedule. Getting up late is one of the things that they enjoy the most and that characterizes them, but there are also people who fall asleep early every night, and at least early within the usual, and wake up very late the next day. These people can also have an impact on your mental health.

Sleeping is one of the things that people enjoy the most or, in any case, they prolong this activity, which makes them have the consequence of getting up at noon. So it could also have consequences for your mental health.

People who wake up late often have psychological problems. Photo: pixabay

One of the consequences of getting up late is that it affects mental health, as well as physical health. Waking up late in the day is one of the practices that has most affected people who love to wake up watching series, for example, or doing other activities very late.

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A study carried out by the University of Barcelona, ​​revealed that people who usually get up almost at noon, or outside the normal hours that most people wake up to carry out daily activities such as work or go to school, for For example, they have psychological problems.

People in the evening, or those who get up late, to be clear, tend to get out of bed after 11 in the morning, or until later. Some of the consequences that affect them the most are psychological but also physical. To this is added one of the diseases that have been identified and related to waking up too late.


People who are used to getting up very late can affect sociability, the biological clock and could even present symptoms of depression that make them have an unusual attachment to being asleep. All these factors directly affect mental health, and the consequences are usually very serious but at the same time they can be treatable.

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