No spanking! So You Can Exercise When There Is A Lot Of Sunshine

No spanking! So You Can Exercise When It's Sunny

Exercising outdoors can be fun, but when the sun’s rays are very intense, there is a different story, however, that is not an impediment to staying healthy and fit

Like every summer, high temperatures make us victims of such a suffocating heat that in some cases it can cause the death of people, especially those who are most vulnerable, that is, children and the elderly, however, doing Exercise is a good way to stay healthy, especially now in these times of pandemic, so how to exercise when the sun is so strong that by itself it exhausts us?

The recommendations that we are about to present are made by a group of researchers specialized in physical exercise, and are directed especially for elite athletes, however, they can easily be adapted by anyone in order to stay active.

The key in this sense is to be strategic because high temperatures increase body heat and our heart has greater difficulty sending more blood to the skin, so that what may seem like an easy and simple race, under those conditions. it becomes totally intolerable.

How do we prevent the heat from hampering our training? First of all, we must consider the easy way out, which in this case would be choosing an interior space, such as inside the home, a gym or at least a place with a roof.

Another great little secret that we can execute is the fact of acclimatizing little by little, how? doing some exercise when the high temperatures are at their peak, this will help us to get used to the effects of the heat until we reach the point where you can get used to it.

Just remember that you must acclimatize little by little, and for this you can go supporting yourself with good hydration, use sunscreen and complete your training in a moderate way, in the same way you can use the salt after 10:00 am, but Make sure it is grain salt, preferably pinkish or Himalayan salt since it is the purest of all.

And continuing with the adaptation process, after a moderate training, take a bath with warm water so that you continue to acclimatize, this is good for your health and also has its benefits, so do not hesitate and keep in mind that it is not ice water but lukewarm.

And finally, you should consider drinking well ice water 20 minutes before a hot workout, this is in order that you can hydrate well, and for this you have to drink half a liter, but it is important that you do not do it right before training because it could cause stomach damage.