How To Fight Dandruff And Dryness

How To Fight Dandruff And Dryness

The problems generated by the dandruff fungus are many and it is necessary to combat immediately, take note of the remedies that you can do at home to eliminate dandruff and dry scalp

It is too shameful that your head suddenly itches and discovers that you have it full of scales as a result of carrying the dandruff fungus, it not only itches, it also burns and you feel a feeling of despair because you do not know how to eradicate the dandruff fungus completely from your scalp.

Dandruff appears on the scalp, and all human beings suffer from it at some point, some have it moderate, but others it is too exaggerated and must be fought. Since it is so itchy that you can injure yourself.

On the other hand it is unsightly, since you cannot walk in the street without dandruff falling to your shoulders, on your clothes or being seen above your hair, that is quite annoying. So, taking care of those needs to eliminate the dandruff fungus, we have prepared some of the most effective home remedies.

How to combat dandruff and dry scalp. Photo: Pexels

DANDRUFF REMEDY 1: What you have to do is that in a pan over low heat you are going to place enough olive oil so that it reaches your entire head (scalp), you are going to put the juice of 1 lemon. Now once the mixture is already and it is warm, you must apply it on your scalp, let it act for 1 hour and then wash well with warm water, rinse with your normal shampoo. This application should be done 3 times a week.

DANDRUFF REMEDY 2: To your shampoo, you are going to put the pulp of an aloe leaf, and you are going to add two tablets of ground aspirin. You are going to bleat every day with this mixture and the results are wonderful, not only do you eliminate the dandruff fungus, it also keeps your hair healthy. When you apply it, you must scrub the scalp very well and let it act for at least 15 minutes and then rinse normally.

DANDRUFF REMEDY 3: What you have to do is wash your hair very well and then at the end apply apple cider vinegar, you put it very well on the scalp, carve if necessary, that it soaks well on all sides and then you let it dry for only 1 hour then rinse normally with normal shampoo. This procedure can be done every day.