Diet To Lose Weight Fast After The New Year

Diet To Lose Weight Fast After The New Year

After the Christmas season where excess food makes people gain a few extra kilos, an efficient diet is necessary

Since before the new year, the main purpose of people is to lose weight . For this reason, they look everywhere for diets, and they assist with specialists so that the weight loss treatment is more efficient. This diet is ideal.

The diets found on the internet are usually thousands that ensure a quick effect, but do not take into account the nutrients in food, so that people ignore them or create mistrust.

The extra pounds that people put on at New Years holidays need to be shed quickly ; some reasons are aesthetics, vanity or health, mainly. That is why people look for efficient diets that can make them lose weight quickly.

Food must be carefully selected so that people can lose weight. Photo: pixabay

One of the most efficient diets, and designed by specialists, is the DASH diet, or better known as the diet to stop hypertension. This diet is one of those that most specialists recommend due to the highly controlled amount of nutrients and to prevent these diseases that cause more damage to people, such as hypertension.

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This diet consists of eating foods low in sodium, foods rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium. Elements that make people reduce arterial problems, and also reduce sizes and weight.


Half grapefruit

Glass of reduced fat milk

Decaf coffee cup

Whole wheat bread accompanied by two tablespoons of peanut butter


Cup of reduced fat milk

10 whole wheat crackers

Spinach salad


Fish accompanied by brown rice and beans

Cup of chamomile tea

A slice of whole wheat bread

With the diet, and the different combinations of the DASH diet, people obtain thousands of benefits, but the one that matters most is losing weight and preventing the hypertensive diseases that affect people so much around the world.

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