Five Effective Exercises To Lower The Lower Abdomen

Five Effective Exercises To Lower The Lower Abdomen

An easy routine to do at home is to combine any of these five exercises which will help you lower the lower abdomen that bothers us so much

Especially for women, this is one of the areas that generates the most complex in their body since it tends to be the first thing that makes them notice the use of extra kilos, but there are some effective exercises to lower the lower abdomen and strengthen it.

The reality is that when there is a decision at home you can exercise to create good changes in your body and health that make you feel better, we show you at least five effective exercises to lower the lower abdomen.

Although it is advisable to do at least 20 minutes of physical activity daily or every other day, you can do a simple routine for the lower abdomen that has other benefits such as improving lower back pain as well as avoiding certain spasms in the central area of ​​the body.

Of course, along with these exercises, good nutrition will always be recommended, we must stay hydrated so that our system works properly inside avoiding inflammation and it is an area that rises quickly therefore exercise it constantly.

Five effective exercises to lower the lower abdomen. Photo: Pixabay

Bridges , there are two types that are functional, the most common one that will work glutes at the same time, it is only to lie on your back, bending your legs, putting the soles of your feet on the floor as well as your arms outstretched, raising and lowering your hips four series of 12 repetitions, another type is forming a bridge with your body, palms of the hands and feet to the ground lifting the body, you stretch one foot, six on each side four times.

Plancha this is a star since you work the whole body and it is good for the lower abdomen, lie on your stomach and place your elbows on the floor and stay straight with the tip of your feet, you can do 30 seconds rest and repeat 5 times, a variant would be to open and close a calf and then the other is to give more intensity.

Reverse crunch or leg-arms lift, what you will do is lie down and raise your legs straight, you can do it like this without letting them hit the ground at least 12 times per series, the other way is to try with your hands to touch the ankles, go up and down legs and arms at the same time.

Russian twists , for this you will take either if you have a small weight or disk at home or something to balance yourself like a couple of books or a gallon of something, you sit down, lean your torso back, it is advisable to raise your legs and bend them a little, but Otherwise, leave the plants on the ground, turn the trunk from one side to the other, if it feels heavy, do not grab anything and just turn your hands from one side to the other, do at least 12 repetitions forming four series.

Mountain climbers or climbers, this is also a complete exercise but if you focus on the lower abdomen, in a plank position you will extend your arms with palms on the ground or you hold yourself with the tips of your feet, and the objective is that the knees try to hit to the chest, do fast if you can 20 and rest a few seconds and repeat four times.

You arm your routine two exercises per session and combine it, you will see how it works, you can try other areas that you need, the objective is to move little by little, great changes are achieved.