Less handsome men are happier and attract more

Less handsome men are happier and attract more

The smile does not always prove to be happy, women are attracted to men considered less handsome and it seems that they have an extra touch of happiness

We can say that such a person is happy to see her well dressed, walking through various places and we believe that they lack nothing, but in the case of men they point out that the less attractive are happier.

When we are attracted to a man we know that they are as is, at least physically they do not need makeup or they will dramatically change their appearance, but the happiest are the ones we can consider less attractive. Why?

In fact, science claims that women are happier when they marry ugly men, so perhaps it is what they project, despite their appearance they could be more confident.

Less handsome men are happier and more attractive. Photo.Pixabay

Science explains why less attractive men are happier, some of this explains the study published in the journal Emotion of the American Psychological Association.

This indicates the great relationship between emotions and attraction, how to feel less shame, have security, be less proud and have a sense of humor attracts.

It stands out according to the BBC article that although the smile attracts we can not always determine if it is totally sincere or not, so we must also see other factors that complement it.

Some say that less attractive men have more luck with women since they have formed relationships by being beautiful despite the fact that other men consider themselves better at least visually.

Apparently a handsome man with a big smile is less attractive to women than those who are more humble, more daring, less ashamed and sometimes those are the least handsome.

And it is that these types of men are not concerned about their appearance and offer something else, of course these are theories that do not apply to everyone, but there are those who agree with it.

In general, men and women, ugly or handsome, will have a touch that is attractive to others, emotional stability and going in search of goals gives satisfaction to be happy away from external appearances.

So if you are looking for a man as a couple, do not rule out what comes your way, sometimes one has a theory and it turns out that the one who steals your heart is someone totally different from what you imagined and it works very well.