Special Exercises To Avoid Knee Pain

Special Exercises To Avoid Knee Pain

If you suffer from intense pain in your knees, these exercises are special to reduce pain, specialists share you an exercise guide so that you have a better quality of physical life of your knees

Those who suffer the most from knee pain are older adults, people who have never exercised or high-performance athletes who exercise extremely. For anyone it is important that you perform a series of moderate exercise to protect, care for and strengthen your knee.

Knee joint pain is more common than you might imagine, it usually appears when you gain weight, or lead a sedentary life, when you want to exercise for the first time you notice that tension to start keeping them active.

That is why for any of the situations, you must have a previous warm-up in your knees, do a series of exercises that imply you have elasticity, slow but effective movements, it is about increasing blood circulation and that the ligaments are not so tense.

Special exercises to avoid knee pain. Photo: Pixabay

If your plans are to exercise, it is important that you do these first special exercises to take better care of your knees and avoid unnecessary pain or tears. Warming up is essential Take note! and avoid injury to your knees.

1. Perform 3 series of knee lifts: First you have to lie on the floor face down, then you have to bend your knees, raise and lower your foot, without touching the floor, slowly, slowly until completing three sets of 10 repetitions. This will help reduce the tension between the tendon and the muscle.

2. Perform another 3 series of knee bending: But now you will have to be on your back, bend your knees and little by little perform the series, remember that it should not be too abrupt, you have to do it slowly, until you complete three sets of 10 repetitions .

4: You stop and first bring one knee to the chest , or as far as you can reach to raise it, this movement should be done leaning against a wall so that you have support, especially if you are overweight, what we want is for you to lubricate your knees and for this you need keep it up on your chest for a time of 30 seconds, then you do it with the other knee. You do this 20 times on each knee.

5 Half squats: For this exercise you must have a chair, that will be your support in case you struggle, now extend your arms, lower slowly to the height of the chair seat and then rise up, try to stay suspended for 10 seconds in position and then you get up and repeat. This exercise not only helps your knees prepare for exercise, it also moves all the muscles in your back and shoulders.

Remember that you must always be controlling your breathing and if you think it is wise to wear knee pads, use them, do not exceed more than your body can do, take into account that everything goes according to your weight, your age and your physical condition.