This is how a man acts when he knows that you are the woman of his life

This is how a man acts when he knows that you are the woman of his life

They can appear romantic when you want to get a relationship but when a man is in front of the woman in his life the way of acting is different

When a man truly falls in love it is impossible for him not to show it, if you have any doubts about his words you should know what they do when they know that you are the woman of his life.

They may have had other relationships or other women, but when a man knows that you are the woman in his life, he will be very transparent with his feelings.

Women, because they are more sentimental, perhaps the fear of being hurt in love can take things calmer and they become incredulous with the actions of their man.

This is how a man acts when he knows that you are the woman of his life. Photo.Pixabay

A man can know that you are the woman in his life the day he meets you, it can be love at first sight that makes him imagine that he wants to be with you forever.

Maybe while you are in the relationship is that you are forming a future together, but the man who knows what he wants even before you are his girlfriend already tells you as part of his future

"I am yours and you are mine"

He will tell you that he will not let you go from his life, he highlights things about you that go beyond the intimate side, he will fall in love with what others did not see and he will point it out to you, "I love your smile", "I am fascinated by your eyes", "I love when you laugh" and "I want to see your face when I wake up", are some of his words.

He loves to go hand in hand

The man who considers you the woman in his life simply feels proud when they are together, loves when people connect them as a couple and is not shy when it comes to showing affection.

Hear all of you

Although sometimes it seems that he does not pay attention to you, it surprises you how he knows every detail of you, he makes plans for the future with you from an appointment organized according to your day off or even talks about trips he wants to do, life projects, new jobs, etc. Things that not everyone tells.

They have a great resemblance

When you want someone for your whole life, there must be similarities in several things, tastes, hobbies, food or simply that they dare to venture and know new things.

When he finds something that they click on, he tells you, he enjoys that there is someone who understands him, understands his life and still shows interest, he always thanks you.


Each person has their past and although it is impossible for their whole life to come out in a few talks, they will start with the essentials, they will tell you passages of their life as if they were married, if they have children, relationship with their closest family, you will know what they do in his day and he will be very honest.

Women are very intuitive and he knows it so take that very cautiously, it shows that he is jealous of you but it is more to show that you belong to him and that he does not want to lose you.

When he shows you that you are the woman of his life, you as a woman will feel it, it seems fantasy but, as long as there is communication, trust and honesty, things are emerging, let yourself be conquered and open yourself to this opportunity of life, do not think that all relationships are the same and that all men too, each one has different characteristics.