Meaning of when he tells you I want to be with you

Meaning of when he tells you I want to be with you

When a person says that beautiful prayer he wants you to be his life partner and accompany him through thick and thin

Many people find it difficult to express their feelings, desires or those things that bother them in the relationship, when they already have one. However, communication is the pillar of all relationships, both as a couple, as a family, or as friends.

It is of the utmost importance that at all times you say how you feel, always taking responsibility for your feelings and thoughts. In case you are dating a person and he has told you that he WANTS TO BE WITH YOU, you must take into account many things before thinking that he is madly in love.

First of all, time, in case I tell you a few days after meeting you, the illusion of falling in love, curiosity and hormones are doing their job and surely he told you that beautiful phrase because he wants to keep discovering who you are and wants to know everything. about your life.

Meaning of when it tells you I WANT TO BE WITH YOU. Photo: Pexels

Know that being by your side is the best way to achieve it. If he tells you that he WANTS TO BE WITH YOU, when you supported him in an unpleasant situation or were by his side in a tragic moment in his life, he surely said it to you as a surprise or thanking you for everything you did for him or her.

In case he tells you that he WANTS TO BE WITH YOU after a few years together, and since he has been through many situations both pleasant and not, rest assured that he really loves you. You will only be sure that you want to share your life with a person when you already know how they act angry, happy, anxious, happy, sad, stressed, in all facets of their life.

Although it is also said that he WANTS TO BE WITH YOU, during a fight, either to smooth things out or to show you that despite all the conflicts that are occurring, he wants to be by your side and overcome each of the obstacles to make it clear that there is much love.