Chiquis Rivera’s Butt Drives The Networks Crazy And Defends Him

Chiquis Rivera's Butt Drives The Networks Crazy And Defends Him

After uploading an image to networks, they started pointing at his butt, Chiquis Rivera answers and defends him

The eldest daughter of the beloved singer Jenni Rivera has been singled out for various issues in recent years, but now Chiquis Rivera drives the networks crazy with her butt which she defends from criticism.

Janney Marín Rivera’s body, better known for Chiquis Rivera, has always been involved in scandals and more after she transformed it, now looking very sexy along with her envied rear.

A week ago the singer uploaded a photograph to her networks that questioned whether her butt is natural or not.

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In the publication, she is seen sitting on a high chair from which the backrest area leaves her butt out, creating an effect of great volume and for which she is now questioned.

"A Queen Always Turns Pain Into Power." Chiquis Rivera writes next to the image.

Seeing this, the followers began to fill her with comments, most praising her beauty while others asked questions about what they consider to be a huge butt.

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"A Queen Will Always Turn Pain Into Power." ���� ———————————————————————— "A Queen Always Turns Pain Into Power." ����

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The publication in intagram reached 124 thousand "likes" and hundreds of comments, several days after the publication she released a few words expressing herself about the dimes and diretes.

Using his Twitter account, he wrote:

"I swear … Sometimes when people say my butt is fake, I’d like to do a nude photoshoot just to prove it’s not"

Despite the criticism, she does not let this affect her and continues her life, although honestly many would like to see this singer as God brought her into the world.

The opinion that she listens to the most is that of her boyfriend Lorenzo Méndez with whom she already plans to marry without yet having a specific date, who supports her and is, for him, the love of her life.

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Happy #NationalBoyfriendDay day to this stud muffin right hurr !! @ lorenzomendez7 I know we have been through some things … good, bad, ugly and beautiful, but thank the Lord we are here, happy and stronger than ever. Thank you for accepting me just the way I am, and not wanting me to be any other way but myself! I love you for the man you were, are and will be! I got YO back baby! #ChiZo #WeGotThis

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The couple is very happy and with a firm step, it is Lorenzo himself who said that he asked his grandparents for the hand of Chiquis Rivera in the absence of his mother that without a doubt taking her to the altar would have been his greatest dream.

The 33-year-old is focused on what makes her happy the most, surrounded by her family, siblings, the love of her boyfriend and growing in her work as stated in one of her publications "Life will put obstacles for you, but limits you put them ".