Lavender Hair Tonic With Anti-Dandruff Effect

Lavender Hair Tonic With Anti Dandruff Effect

Dandruff is a problem that looks fatal to the naked eye, especially when you don’t even realize it, eliminate it naturally with this lavender toner

A common hair condition is dandruff, which although it is not serious it is embarrassing, especially if you have not even realized that you have it, fortunately you can combat it with some treatments such as shampoo and others naturally that some provide. extras to your mane.

If you notice a flaking on your scalp, itching and when you put on your favorite black blouse, there are some white spots on the man that fall out of your hair, you definitely have dandruff , do not panic, you can eliminate it with this home remedy that we present to you next.

There are many anti-dandruff shampoos and creams or sprays in supermarkets, some are very expensive and others contain certain substances that can damage your hair, something you can do is this lavender hair tonic with anti-dandruff effect , very simple to do and very effective.

This is how you prepare a lavender hair tonic with an anti-dandruff effect. Photo: Unsplash

For this tonic, you are going to use the lavender leaves , which is capable of increasing the blood circulation of the hair leather, favoring not only the elimination of dandruff, but also the control of hair loss and stimulating growth, so not only you will free yourself from flaking, you will also make your hair grow fast.

Lavender, known for its relaxing properties for nerves and stress, is also a great ally of hair, although the most important is that it helps hair growth and stop hair loss, it also fights dryness and with it dandruff.

Experts say that it is also a very effective conditioner and even a good remedy to combat nits and lice; To make your tonic, you are going to place a cup of dried lavender flowers in a glass jar, then you are going to carefully add boiling water.

This is how you prepare a lavender hair tonic with an anti-dandruff effect. Photo: Unsplash

Mix and let the herbs release their properties, cover the bottle and let it cool, strain the infusion into a jug and add 5 drops of lavender essential oil , add another 5 of tea tree essential oil and mix perfectly, empty the water in a spray bottle.

Apply the lavender toner at night with a massage on the scalp , leave it overnight and wash as usual in the morning, you will notice how your dandruff problems go away.