Powerful Phrases To Tell Your Ex To Come Back With You

Powerful Phrases To Tell Your Ex To Come Back With You

If a reasonable time has passed to get back with your ex, and they have thought about it, valued themselves more and changed certain behaviors … Go ahead! But remember that people don’t change easily.

How many times in our life have we had to end a relationship or, on the contrary, our partner has ended us, the reasons may be different, however it is a reality that recovering from a love breakup is not easy and requires time to assimilate. situation.

In many cases, one of the parties clings to that relationship and looks for a second chance, and although it is true that words sweeten the ear of any woman, in the case of men, certain and exact words may put it. to think about whether or not it is worth giving yourself a second chance.

Everyone on some occasion regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, we have thought of sending a text message to our partner to ask him to reconsider about the decision he has made, if this is your case at this time I present five phrases that you can use to text your ex and ask him to come back to you.

1.- I respect your decision, however I want you to know that I still love you very much and that will not change, I would like us to give ourselves a second chance.

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2.- This time that we have been apart I reflected a lot and the separation has made me evolve in a positive way.

3.- I know that with no one I will live a love like the one I lived with you and I am not satisfied. I do not want our story to end like this, I do not want to let the love we have get lost in fights and pride without meaning. I love you too much to stop fighting for you.

4.- I am interested in you being happy, I am happy, but I miss you and I think I would be happier by your side.

For what you love most, do not leave me alone with me. Photo Pixabay

5.- It has not been easy to live these days without you. It is a very great pain to live without seeing you and without being able to tell you how much I miss you and that I still love you. I ask God every day to give me the opportunity to have your love once again.

These are just some of the phrases that can be used to send a message to your ex partner in an attempt to continue the relationship, but you must bear in mind that at no time should you pressure the person to return with you, you should not lose your dignity and self-esteem.

If the relationship can no longer be saved, the best thing is that you accept it and focus your energies and your time on doing some type of activity that can get you out of that depression or, in extreme cases, take psychological therapy. Remember that what is yours will always come back to you.

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