Why You Shouldn’t Compare Your Partner With Your Ex

Why You Shouldn't Compare Your Partner With Your Ex

There are compelling reasons not to compare your ex with the woman you have by your side, and if you do, it is because you are not satisfied with what you have.

Comparing your partner with the ex is a delicate matter since not only do you reveal that you have not forgotten her, but it also means that you are satisfied with what you have. If you really want something serious with your partner, avoid comparing her to your ex.

The reasons why a man begins to compare his wife with his ex are several, and believe it, none ends well, since it is a notorious lack of respect and there is probably a sentimental bond with the ex.

Why do you compare your wife with the ex? . The reasons are given to you In a Relationship. If you chose that person to be by your side, why compare?

It is never positive to compare your partner with your ex. Photo: Unsplash

Compare with the former

One of the reasons is that you cannot forget that old love and seeing the different way in which your partner solves things, they are so different from the ex, and you begin to value certain attitudes and reactions. The question here would be, are you comfortable with what you chose?

Choice out of spite.

When a man chooses to have another relationship immediately after a breakup, it is a sign that he does it out of spite, and that is the mistake that condemns him to the long-term comparisons with the ex. This doesn’t end well at all!

Reasons not to compare.

If you have already ended a toxic relationship and have decided to start this new relationship, it is important that you know that if for a moment it occurs to you to make a comparison, you will hurt the person who has decided to be with you even though they know that your heart still does not know. recovers.

You will hurt her self-esteem, you will make her believe that your ex is better than her and this is the worst thing you can do.

Respect is lost, by reminding her of things like "My ex would never tell me, or would do," forget about those phrases that will only make her feel bad.

New beginning.

Never tell him that he should lose weight because your ex was thin, sometimes these comments are so gross and grotesque that not only do they hurt your partner’s heart, but it is a way to humiliate them.

Do not compare it because you could lose the best thing you have had in your life, remember that each person is different and does not have to look like anyone much less like your ex.

The best thing is that you learn to live in harmony, it is a new beginning and not a thousand steps back wanting to compare

Things comparing

  • That it was material ready to go out wherever, club, party, dinner, walk etc.
  • They compare how he was treated by his ex’s family
  • They compare some foods that their ex made for them to reconcile
  • The clothes your wife wears that her ex wore
  • The perfume that her ex used with which her partner now wears

Although science says that comparing your partner to your ex may have some favorable results, there are others that could weaken the relationship. This is shown by a study carried out by Dr. Sabrina Thai, from the University of Toronto, and published in July this year in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Explain that when you compare you know the advantages and disadvantages and that you still decide to love and stay with your partner.

It is important that if you compare, you know that you can destroy the little or much that you have achieved in your relationship.