Lorena Herrera attacks TODAY’s driver for speaking ill of her

Lorena Herrera attacks TODAY's driver for speaking ill of her

Sinaloan actress Lorena Herrera attacks and confronts a host of the Hoy program and will not tolerate him speaking ill of her again

In one of the sessions that the Hoy program has called "What are you talking about?", many of the celebrity gossip came to light, this is led by the show host Martha Figueroa and who also has support from other hosts who are not known in the television medium. One of them spoke ill of Lorena Herrera and she confronts him.

They were in the chorcha criticizing various artists such as Christian Nodal among others, when suddenly Lorena Herrera enters the picture without being invited and lashes out at one of the drivers to whom she made it clear that she forbids him from speaking ill of her again.

"Enough of you speaking ill of me!" "I am a feline as an enemy," Lorena Herrera told the driver, who denied that he spoke ill of her. And it is that a few days ago he had compared her with Ninel Conde and said that she sold fewer tickets than Ninel.

This bothered the actress Lorena Herrera and she has forbidden him to mention her again. The moment was becoming awkward, so much so that Martha Figueroa interrupted to tell the driver to apologize to the beautiful Lorena Herrera.

Many believe that because they are gossip drivers, they can speak ill of celebrities and there will be no reactions, but Lorena did not remain silent and put a, be still in full live program. In everyone’s way, they began to laugh at what happened, making up a subject that was quite sensitive for Lorena.

In the comments below the video you can read that they ask the production to remove two of those drivers who are not clear who they are or why they are there. For now, Lorena, like a diva, entered with a beautiful green dress that fit her perfectly, defining the curves that adorn her.