Paquita La Del Barrio And Her Secret About Two-Legged Rat

Paquita La Del Barrio And Her Secret About Two-Legged Rat

Finally, Paquita la del Barrio accepts that if the song "Rat of two legs" was inscribed and she confesses everything

Paquita the recognized singer of the Mexican regional neighborhood, has confessed to the four winds that the song "Two-legged rat", if it had a dedication. The controversial 74-year-old singer has always been known for singing lyrics against the male gender.

More than some have heard the song "Two-legged Rat", which almost made an anthem against unfaithful men and does not fail in meetings or bars to set the mood for fun.

For many years this song has given many fruits to Paquita la del Barrio, she says that through her songs she brings out her sadness and suffering, the woman from Veracruz has lived stories of heartbreak and shares them with her audience whenever she has a chance.

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She is a very sensitive woman and each of her interpretations always touches sensitive fibers in both men and women, she is admired by the female guild for considering her a strong woman of great character and a warrior of life.

In one of many interviews, Francisca Viveros Barradas, better known as Paquita la del barrio, said that "two-legged rat" dedicated it to her ex-husband, who for a long time cheated on her with another woman with whom she had a 15-year relationship.

This hard blow to the heart, Paquita resisted, when she found out about her other family, she did not leave her husband, and accompanied him to his deathbed, Paquita’s argument is that this man was the great love of her life.

The unfaithful ex-husband named Alfonso Martínez had a lover with whom he lasted 15 years, Paquita finds out after 25 years of marriage and her heart collapses, she said at the time that if it is true she did not divorce, that they continued to live together, but not scrambled.

Currently Paquita la del Barrio always takes up her past, but to thank that thanks to that it is that she ventured into the path of singing, fills palenques and is very famous in Latin America, her songs are chanted by millions of people in the world.

Controversy to the bone, first for her songs, then for launching into politics with tremendous statements, in the middle of her presentation as a candidate for deputy in Veracruz, at the press conference she said:

"What can I tell you, we are in this, I did not want to accept because I do not understand politics at all, but I come with all the love of my life to see what can be done with us." Causing a wave of criticism on social networks.