Maky Finds Out That Juan Soler Has A Girlfriend And Reacts Jealous

Maky Finds Out That Juan Soler Has A Girlfriend And Reacts Jealous

Maky declared that for her a man must always support her, and in fact that is the way it is in her life, Juan Soler supports her from a whole to everything, she does not work and it seems that it affects her that Juan Soler has a girlfriend

After Maky confessed that she is still being supported by Juan Soler, she learns that the actor already has a very beautiful girlfriend, his reaction left much to be desired. Rumors suggest that Maky does not tolerate that Juan has been reunited with an ex-girlfriend and that he is giving himself another chance.

Maky declared that for her a man should always keep her, and in fact that’s the way it is in her life , Juan Soler keeps her from a whole to everything, she does not work, apparently she is afraid that all the privileges that she receives will run out. His 55-year-old ex-partner Juan Soler continues to give.

It had already been said that Juan Soler was one of the most coveted mature gallants of soap operas at his 55 years of age, but few of us knew who that woman was with whom he is supposedly madly in love with her. Maky was questioned about this situation and the response he gave left much to be desired.

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It turns out that the actor returned with his old love, and he is going from strength to strength in Argentina, it seems that love smiles at him again, but the one who does not fit how jealous he is is his ex-wife Maky.

She was on Televisa when they questioned her about Juan Soler and his new girlfriend: "No, I’m not going to talk about that … nothing, nothing, nothing, whatever he has with his life, I respect him," she commented desperately to disappear from the cameras.

He only limited himself to saying that he deserves to be happy: "may everyone be as happy as possible," he pointed out for the program ‘Hoy’.

Juan Soler’s ex-wife did not want to talk about the actor’s private life, many Soler fans feel that she only wants Juan to keep her forever, that is why she has not been seen doing any soap opera project or program of TV.

She has stated that so far she is not interested in falling in love with someone else who is only dedicated to her children and nothing else has always boasted of being an extraordinary housewife woman and that she is happy that way.

"Right now I believe more in other things, when you want to be well, you have to work to be well, I am more like in that roll, exercising, eating well, sleeping your hours", And so the life of Maky that until the At the moment he does not work, Fans of Soler warn that Maky only lives on what Soler gives him in alimony, but pays him everything.