Marrying an intelligent woman, lengthens the life of men

Marrying an intelligent woman, lengthens the lives of men

A scientific study revealed that men who marry intelligent women live longer and are happier

What a man who wants to live longer should do is marry an intelligent woman , says Lawrence Whalley, a professor of mental health at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.

According to the researcher, "there is no better buffer for dementia than intelligence", so do not hesitate to tell your partner that you are the best candidate to share life together: pretty and smart, what more could I ask for?

An investigation carried out by the aforementioned specialist reveals that the intelligence of a woman is a characteristic that significantly helps to increase the life expectancy of her partner, as well as to avoid senility.

Marrying an intelligent woman lengthens the lives of men Photo: Freepik

To reach this conclusion, he studied the health of two sets of intentional twins and finally determined that the environment had a great influence on the development of their intellectual abilities.

Researchers found that men who married intelligent women lived longer, were happier, and had a lower risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

This is because women with this characteristic constantly stimulate the intelligence of their partners in such a way that it has a very positive effect on their cognitive abilities.

The study also found that men married to intelligent women had "weak" brains, this after being subjected to scan tests, however, they did not experience symptoms of poor mental health.

However, as in everything there are drawbacks, as another study shows that intelligent women are more jealous. No way, you can’t have everything in life!

Marrying an intelligent woman lengthens the lives of men Photo: Freepik

What is a fact is that women who are proud of their intelligence grow prepared to be more responsible and independent.

While men with this particularity have the potential to develop healthier relationships with women and generate healthier families.

A curious fact is that women who grew up without a father are stronger and smarter. So you know her, rather than pretty, look for a woman who shines for her cognitive abilities.