Romina, daughter of Niurka Marcos reveals tips with which she lost 18 kilos

Romina, daughter of Niurka Marcos reveals tips with which she lost 18 kilos

Romina has transformed her life into a healthier one, focused on achieving a figure with which she feels comfortable and has shared some secrets to achieve it.

Romina Marcos, daughter of Niurka Marcos, has revealed tips with which she lost 18 kilos , she wants to share her experience and motivate more women to achieve that radical change they want in their body.

After following a diet, she is happy with the results and wants to share it with all her followers, Romina, daughter of Niurka Marcos reveals tips with which she lost 18 kilos.

It was the same Romina, daughter of Niurka Marcos, who shared a photograph of where she showed the before and after losing 18 kilos and her followers asked her to share some tips to achieve it and she complied.

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The net, what pride that my first photo in panties on Instagram is this. And the only difference is 18kg less. I am still the same Romina as always, trying to know the world in another envelope and loving every second of life. Thank you @vime_mx for reaching out to me, everyone lives their process in their own way and I am the happiest to do it with you! They definitely changed my life and my way of seeing food care. We are already in the final stretch, giving everything as always and with the best team @vime_mx ✨ THE BEST DECISION I MADE IN MY LIFE WAS THIS, take care of my body that is my home ♥ ️ This is an everyday job for the rest of my life �� #SiyoPuedoTuPuedes ✨

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Through her YouTube channel, Romina Marcos has shared the secrets to obtain that change in her figure and lose 18 kilos and confessed what her methods are to not break the diet and lose the goal.

One day at a time

Romina recommends that you be faithful to the diet, that you be firm in this decision and that you prepare your food yourself, while you do it you should think that it is so that in the future you look incredible.

Motivate yourself

Motivation is important to achieve that goal of losing weight and leading a healthier life, Romina Marcos recommends that you post messages on your mirror and say daily that you can achieve it.

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She heals with rumba ��

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Listen to your body

Romina Marcos affirms that when you change your eating habits, your body begins to react and you even have mood swings, but you should know that no one is to blame for the change you decided on.

Focus your energy on other situations

When you have free time you tend to eat more, so it is important that you keep busy, find some hobby outdoors such as going for a walk, running or dancing.

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La Romina del Oriente ��

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Enjoy your meals

Eating fast does not work, Romina says that you should eat in complete peace of mind, enjoy each dish and motivate yourself, you should not see the diet as something boring, but as something that is doing your body good, especially you should do the diet because you want to a change in you.

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