This is how you heat your house in cold season without heating

This is how you heat your house in cold season without heating

The cold season affects many families and you have to find a way to keep the house warm by avoiding the use of gas, there are other ways to get heat.

Low temperatures affect many families throughout the country and not all homes have a specialized system that regulates the environment inside the home, but this way you heat your house in cold season without heating, they are tricks that will work without putting in risk your life or your health, since as we have seen in the news, there are methods that are harmful.

Keeping the stove on, using gas or lighting candles inside your home to keep it warm, are quite dangerous methods that must be avoided at all costs and not put your family at risk, better resort to other tricks that do work and do not expose to anyone, this way you heat your house in cold season without heating, they will be very useful, take note.

The frosts and the harsh winter season will continue to affect much of the country, so the population should take their precautions, if you know that you live in an area where the cold creeps to the bone, then get ready with these actions that will keep the heat inside your home, this way you will avoid using gas and other actions that can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Cold temperatures
This is how you heat your house in cold season without heating. Photo: Pexels.

Allow the sun to enter: If the sun hits your house from the front during the day, what better, allow the entrance to keep the heat for the night, open your windows and doors so that the rays impact, you can keep it that way for the morning and at sunset, which are the times when the greatest amount of heat can accumulate, before nightfall you can close and you will see that you will feel the warmth.

Put rugs and cushions in the decoration: The rugs, cushions and pillows transmit heat, so you can decorate your bedroom and the spaces where the family is concentrated, such as the living room, with rugs, while they are sitting on the sofa, put cushions now At bedtime, they can surround themselves with pillows, if you have children, you just have to keep an eye on them and be on the lookout.

Thick curtains: As we mentioned at the beginning, leaving the windows and doors open for the sun’s rays to enter is a very good option, but at night, cover the windows with the thickest curtains you have, that works as a barrier. that does not allow cold air to leak, you can even put a blanket or thermal curtains.

Insulating tape on doors and windows: If your door leaves a large gap between the floor and the frame, then you can cover this space with insulating tape, so there will be no drafts, the same happens with the windows, if you feel that the air leaks through the openings, then put this tape on them to block the passage of the icy air.

Books and pictures: Just as rugs keep heat and serve as a passage to decorate your home, books and pictures also serve as part of the decoration, but they also help keep the house warm, you can surround yourself with bookshelves, family pictures , as they also serve as a protective layer that prevents the escape of heat, so it will keep the temperature warm inside the place.

Hot water bottles: Heat water on the stove and then put them in bottles, cover them well so as not to spill and be careful not to burn yourself, you can put it on the floor near your feet or on your bed, but cover them with a thin blanket to avoid that bother, so you will feel the heat, it will take time to cool down, so take advantage.