Mayrín Villanueva’s Son Turns 16 More Handsome Than Ever

Mayrín Villanueva's Son Turns 16 More Handsome Than Ever

Sebastián Poza is celebrating his "sweet 16" surrounded by dreams and showing that he inherited the attractiveness of his parents

The fact that his parents kept him away from the cameras made in the thinking of many, the son of Mayrín Villanueva and Jorge Poza continue to be a baby, however Sebastián has already turned 16 and is showing that he inherited the beauty of his famous parents.

It was on August 15, when the young man had his birthday and wanted to share that special date with all his loved ones. After finishing his high school studies in Canada this summer, the young man returned home just in time to celebrate the day he came into the world, accompanied by his parents and siblings.

Through his social networks, his proud mother, Mayrín, dedicated a nice birthday message to him.

Today is the birthday of the most sensitive child, he continues to enjoy and grow with so much talent. Don’t stop dreaming my @sebastianpoza

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During the course of the day, Mayrín continued documenting the way in which he celebrated his son, who from what can be seen in the images, went to eat and blew out the candle with a slice of cake. After singing Las Mañanitas to him, mother and son posed for a photograph that accompanied the phrase

My lucky keeper

Who did not want to be left behind, and like Mayrín turned to social networks to congratulate him, it was his sister Romina, who also dedicated a message to him in her stories

16 years and I still don’t know how to thank life for having put me on the same path as you. Romina and Sebastián, as life companions. I love you Tatan. Let’s continue counting life together. Happy Birthday! Never stop shining, because you know how to do it better than anyone

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For her congratulations to be perfect, Romina chose a photo taken at the beginning of the summer in Canada, where the whole family traveled to witness Sebastián’s graduation. Everything seems to indicate that the young man is going to stay in Mexico to continue his dream of becoming a singer and actor. It should be noted that in 2016, the boy had a participation in the soap opera Despertar Contigo, where he showed his singing skills.
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