Meaning Of The Red Thread On The Left Ankle

Meaning Of The Red Thread On The Left Ankle

Red is a powerful color and is related to good luck and protection, wearing a thread on the ankle on the side of the heart gives peace

Each person is free of beliefs as well as to use accessories that represent something for them or only use it for fashion, such as the red bracelet, which although we see it a lot in the hand on the ankle, they also wear it.

What does it mean to wear a red thread on the left ankle? Red is a powerful color related to love but they are also strong, with relief and rebirth, it is practically a shield of protection.

The left side is where the heart is originally placed, that is why on that side many wear their protection charms, a red thread is very aimed at good luck and the removal of bad vibes.

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The feet is an area that not everyone likes to show because they represent a somewhat private part of their body and this is because we all have them different, but without them we could not do something as natural as walking.

Meaning of the red thread on the left ankle. Photo.Pixabay

It is perhaps in the summer when we most see people wearing ankle bracelets due to the type of footwear that is used, discovered, who has a red son in it does so with the intention of filling up good energy.

It is an element that practically one does not take it off even to bathe, they say that when you put on red thread on the ankle or even wrist of the hand, positive thoughts should come to you, creating a connection between body, mind and soul.

It is said that in ancient Egypt, it was believed that wearing a chain around the ankle attracted good luck and fortune, this was because workers of that time always wore pendants on their ankles to keep animals away and continue with their work.

In reality there is no meaning as such, specific and universal for everyone, the red thread has been with us since childhood, adres put a protection bracelet on their children but they also take a little and place it on their foreheads to remove the hiccups, as part of their beliefs.

They say that when the bracelet that falls is because a cycle has been fulfilled, possibly you had been with problems and this gave you confidence to achieve it, do not be afraid that if you drop everything, it will come back, on the contrary it is time to fly, but if you want to put it back, no problem.