What does it mean to find a picture of you with pins stuck in it?

What does it mean to find a picture of you with pins stuck in it?

Photos and pins are two well-known elements in rituals that aim to cause some harm or forcibly keep someone next to the person requesting the ritual.

In the world of magic there are several elements that are very powerful and which are used a lot, among them are the hair and nails, which keep a strong energy of the person, but other elements are the images captured by a camera and metal needles, in this article we tell you what it means to find a picture of yourself with pins stuck in it.

It takes anyone away if they find a cloth doll with several needles arranged everywhere, but another method that is also very common and also shocking, is to find a photo of yourself with pins stuck in it, discover what it means and what you are looking for. get that person who did that to you, everything has a not so positive goal .

Black magic uses many resources to make its works and to harm several people, who dare to resort to it many times do so blinded by envy, courage, hatred, anger and despair, this kind of Jobs can be withdrawn by going with someone who practices white magic or by doing a lot of prayer.

Pinned photo meaning
What does it mean to find a picture of yourself with pins stuck in it? Photo: Pexels.

Just as there are good rituals that are performed with colored candles to attract positive energy to your home, or those where prayer is the most powerful means to ask for your goals to be met, and also more specific ones such as putting Saint Anthony upside down to put the right person in front of you, there are also negative rituals.

These negative rituals are mainly done by works of black magic, remember this type of magic is considered a spell for evil purposes, those who resort to it do so loaded with resentment, anger, envy and other negative emotions. Perhaps one of the most common works that is found giving testimony of these works, are the photos and the pins.

And it is that to carry out some works of this type, the photograph of the person to whom you want to harm is required and as an element are the pins, have you found a photo of yourself in these conditions? Surely that scares you a lot or worries you, know why they did this work and what purpose it has, you will be surprised and perhaps you know who is responsible for this ritual.

Spells with pins and photos are very common, if you find a photo of yourself with pins stuck, it refers to a ritual to make you return to the side of a person and that you are at their feet, this work may come from an ex-partner who does not He wants to let you go, that he has become obsessed with you and that if you are not by his side, you will not be with anyone else.

It is a work of loving submission to make you return to that person’s side not by your own will, but because there is a ritual involved, it is manipulating you so that you return without having faithful clarity of your actions. It can also be someone who wants to be with you, but you ignore him and look for an opportunity.

This job can not necessarily be done by an ex-partner, but also by someone who wants with you and that you have ignored or flatly told him that you are not interested, he is infatuated with you and wants to have you by force, it is a resource to that those people who want a love by force come.