Confirmed Dog Infected With Coronavirus, First In The World

Confirmed Dog Infected With Coronavirus, First In The World

They test a dog and it tests positive for coronavirus that causes alarm in the population of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is in the eye of the hurricane, the first case of coronavirus in a dog has been reported. According to a spokesman for the Hong Kong Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environmental Protection. Samples were taken from a dog that had contact with its infected owners and tested positive for coronavirus!

"Samples from the nose and mouth of the infected person’s pet also tested positive for COVID-19, albeit at low levels." This has caused that not only people infected by coronavirus are in quarantine, pets will also be placed in isolation.

It has been determined that animals that have had contact with people infected with coronavirus will be quarantined for 14 days , as they announced on February 28, this has alarmed the entire region where more cases have been registered with this virus. It may interest you: Governor confirms fourth case of coronavirus in Torreón

Dog with coronavirus detected in Hong Kong. Photo: Pixabay

The health authorities practiced the test on the dog of a woman who is infected with the coronavirus, and to everyone’s surprise, the dog tested positive. He was also infected! Now the dog is in a special place for further tests.

So far this is the first case in the world, there is no evidence that there are infected cats or other animals, only this dog. But due to sanitary measures, all the pets of the infected people will be in quarantine.

Notably, Hong Kong has 94 confirmed cases. The death record is so far, two people due to COVID-19.