Most Faithful Signs Of The Zodiac During October

Most Faithful Signs Of The Zodiac During October

They will take care of the love of their partner and for nothing in the world will they think of putting her trust at risk

As the year ends and the tenth month of the year is released, many temptations will be presented, and although some will not fall into them, others will not be able to avoid it. This according to several astrologers have mentioned which are the zodiac signs that will be faithful to your partner throughout the month of October.

They will value the love that their partner gives them and will never think of betraying them. Without a doubt, they know that when trust leaves the relationship, everything is lost, so they will do everything they can to keep it. The lies will not be part of the coexistence, quite the opposite.


People born under this sign are extremely faithful, apart from being romantic. They love sentimental stability, they have a hard time adapting to changes that is why ending a relationship will never be in their plans. When it comes to looking for a partner, they want you to reciprocate with seriousness and commitment. If your partner is of this sign, you have nothing to worry about, since during these days he will show that he will not betray your trust and love.

Signs of the zodiac that will be faithful to the couple in October. Photo: Freepik


Despite being one of the most vain signs of the zodiac and sometimes selfish, during the month of October they will take care of the couple’s relationship. They were quite faithful, they will not approve of any kind of lie, since they believe in karma and they know that if they make a mistake, not only the couple will end up damaged but they will end up in the past. Apart from that they are sure that it is best to speak the truth in case another person comes to catch their attention, but this is something unlikely when they are committed from the heart.


They are the most sensitive of the zodiac and have the ability to put themselves in the shoes of the other, so they will never betray their partner. This sign has already experienced many times that they were unfaithful and due to that feeling it will avoid falling into temptation at all costs. He knows what it means for another to know that there is a third person, so he will not include anyone in the coexistence.