Phrases All Children Should Hear When They Misbehave

Phrases All Children Should Hear When They Misbehave

When a child misbehaves, you can choose to yell or give him a lecture on the wisdom of his mistakes.

Sometimes it is so difficult to draw attention to a child when he misbehaves , since parents do not get an instruction that tells them what to do or what not to do, because each child is different, from their education, culture and others situations. What to tell him?. Here we leave you some phrases that you could consider saying to guide him to behave better. It may interest you : You are worried about a perfect body and you forget to be happy

The phrases that we share below are of great help when you feel that you are losing control, it is not good to correct a child with violence, that should not be done under any circumstances. It may interest you:

Before you want to unleash the fury at discovering that your child has misbehaved, we invite you to breathe , regain your peace of mind and show that controlled side that makes you not lose control at all. It may interest you: Kissing your children on the mouth could traumatize them for life

When a child misbehaves, you can choose to yell or give him a lecture on the wisdom of his mistakes. Photo: Pixabay

When educating children, a balance must be found at all times, it is teaching them to control their emotions, to understand and distinguish what is right and what is wrong. It may interest you: Elegant perfumes that every woman should use once in her life

"I feel sad about what you did, how can we change it?"

This phrase is emotional, it is to make him understand that every time he misbehaves, he knows that it will make you sad. Asking how he can change it, you will make your child reflect on what he did and what he should do to correct it.

"Are you happy with what your son just did?"

With this question you give him the opportunity to apologize if he did something that offended someone or you as parents, and remember that you should always end by saying: How are we going to do so that it does not happen again?

Here are tips from Dr. Cesar Lozano when you have an angry and rude child.

"I love you but you didn’t behave at all today, we need to talk seriously."

By doing this, you are telling him that there are certain responsibilities and obligations that he is not fulfilling, and list the points that he sees that when he does not misbehave, there is an authority at home that sanctions, but does not punish, these sanctions should be to do some things at home, such as taking out the garbage, picking up your room and dirty clothes, since this will depend on the age of each child.

Let your child know that for behaving well there will always be rewards, so little by little you are guiding him to make good decisions in his life. Do not worry if he relapses into misbehaving again, you re-implement the phrases and actions and you will see how the child understands that something is not right and that he must strive to be better every day.

"I love you son, never forget it"

This phrase is not for when he misbehaves, it is a lifetime, a child should feel loved with actions and words, that you reinforce the great love you have for him, and that if one day you correct him it is for his good.