Quick Weight Loss With Chicken, Rice And Apple In 9 Days

Quick Weight Loss With Chicken, Rice And Apple In 9 Days

This diet is balanced and can help you lose weight quickly. In a Relationship he passes you the secret recipe of these ingredients

Because you deserve to have excellent health and pamper yourself with a balanced diet to have a good body and feel better every day. This diet that consists of consuming chicken, rice and apple, is perfect for you.

If you are a woman who has little time to do sports, do not worry, you can also do a bit on your part by venturing into a good diet. How many kilos will you lose with this diet that has to be carried for nine days?

Diet with apple to detoxify the body. Photo: Pixabay

This will depend on your metabolism and how faithful you are when carrying out this diet. The first thing you should know is that it is not a miracle diet since these foods are combined with others that will make fat reduction more effective.

Take note and start losing weight and feeling much better than you already feel.

The first three days at breakfast, lunch and dinner: 200 grams of grilled chicken accompanied by rice. You consume the apple when you feel hungry between meals. This you can eat all you want.

For the next three days, breakfast lunch and dinner are the same as above, but you are going to add 3 strawberries to each meal.

And the last three days, you eat breakfast and dinner the above and you will add a piece of melon.

Enjoy this diet that only lasts 9 days, as you can see it is balanced and fat-free, the following days you can supplement it with other fruits, many people who have done it end up losing up to 7 kilos.

Remember to drink a lot of water during the dietary process and if you can be hand in hand with a nutritional advisor much better.