Signs That He Just Wants To Play With You

Signs That He Just Wants To Play With You

If you have been in a relationship for a long time and you do not see intentions to formalize in front of your friends and family, you are only wasting time with someone who does not offer you a guarantee of their love, these are the signs that they are only playing with you.

If you have already been with him for a significant time, but you just do not see the intentions of formalizing their relationship, then you must be careful of the signs that he only wants to play with you and will never want to commit, he only seeks the warmth of your good company, without involving your feelings or heart, look for a fun time.

The days go by, the months go by and everything remains the same between you, it seems that he is not worried about the future of your relationship, but maybe he really does not have it because he only sees you as a hobby, that would be very strong news for you if it is that you already fell in love, that’s why he discovers the signs that he just wants to play with you.

Not everyone goes in search of true love, there are others who only flee to loneliness and want good company, but it would be more convenient if they said it at the beginning of everything and not when you already fell in love to the bone, and even if you don’t say, if there are actions that leave you in evidence if he really has a word and will stay with you, or you are only his wife in turn.

Signs that he just wants to play with you. Photo: Unsplash.

He introduces you as just a friend: At family gatherings or when going out with friends, he only also introduces you as one more of his social circle, but he does not dare to say what is really between you, so you should to know that if you do that, it is because you do not intend to compromise.

He idolizes his singleness: If they have already been dating for a long time and it is not clear by when he proposes you to be his formal girlfriend, then it is because he adores his singleness, he is happy flirting with everyone without wanting anything with any of them, he loves to continue at the party and he is not willing to leave that life of privilege to tie himself to someone he is not sure of loving.

He does not plan anything in the future: He only lives in the moment and there are never plans for the future, a couple who loves each other idealizes their wedding day, their house, their children, traveling, being happy, but the one who only plays with you will never do it, because he knows that his is not serious and therefore there is no need to build a future in mind.

In social networks they do not even know each other: There are no photos that upload together, stories that are dedicated, states of love, memes or comments in which they are tagged, what’s more, there is not a single like, because nothing suits him relate, you prefer to continue being single compared to the contacts you have.

It appears and disappears: It can be lost for days without giving a single explanation and then it returns to look for you as if nothing had happened, it only tells you that it was very busy attending family or school matters, so it could not tell you, it thinks that It can appear and disappear from your life whenever it pleases.

He does not know anything about you: He is not interested in knowing things about you, such as your tastes, your favorite groups, dessert that you enjoy the most, he is satisfied with knowing your name, where you live, your cell phone number and if you are single, nothing more, since He does not want to get more involved with you, the less he knows about you the better and the less you know about him, it is the right thing to do.