Someone More Toxic Than Mother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law, According to Survey

Someone More Toxic Than The Mother-in-Law, The Sister-in-Law, According To Survey

If the relationship is bad with the mother-in-law, there is something worse that can happen to you and that is getting bad with the sister-in-law, who can be more problematic.

On many occasions, the relationship with your husband’s mother or your partner is not good at all, but someone more toxic than the mother-in-law, the sister-in-law, according to a survey, this relationship can be even worse.

If you thought that this was the worst that could happen to you, you are wrong, someone more toxic than the mother-in-law, the sister-in-law, according to a survey , this relationship could be the worst of all.

If the idea of ​​a woman who wants to separate you from her son scares you because she thinks you are not the right girl for him, then also worry about her sister, someone more toxic than the mother-in-law, the sister-in-law, according to a survey.

The relationship with your sister-in-law may be worse than with your mother-in-law. Photo: Pixabay.

When you meet the in-laws, the most terrible thing is not putting up with your mother-in-law and all her methods to get away from her son, but also, you must put up with your sister-in-law who wants to make a life of you with her brother.

A study carried out by a Chilean newspaper with daily circulation called "La Tercera", resorted to surveying 600 people online to find out what the relationship they had with the family of their partners was like and to know which member they had in the top of the most conflictive .

These surveys showed that 56% recognized that their relationship with their sisters-in-law was the worst and the one that generated the most problems, while 32% accepted that their relationship with their mothers-in-law was the worst.

Psychologists affirm that this problem of couples getting on badly with sisters-in-law is because the role of the brother takes a lot of strength and a very strong and special bond is created.

Due to this bond, the sisters-in-law become overprotective and want to keep the brother safe from any danger or risk, yes, they see their partners as a danger

Although there is the other side of the coin, since if the relationship between your partner and his sisters is bad, you will probably also enter that role and end up seeing you as a rival, always wanting to overcome them.

There are those who want to continue maintaining control over their younger siblings, so even if they already have a partner, they want to continue giving their opinion on the decisions of their life, losing authority is not something they like.

Also, there are those who prefer to keep the bad relationship they have with their sisters-in-law a secret, because they know that if they expose the conflict, a bigger problem will be created, so they prefer to pretend that nothing is happening.

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