Spell To Activate Lust

Spell To Activate Lust

Resorting to white magic is a good strategy to improve our relationship as a couple

Lust is nothing more than excessive sexual desire , it is known as one of the seven deadly sins, but as we well know when it comes to giving rein to passion that is what matters the least, so in this article we will share with you a spell to activate lust.

This powerful ritual will help you get you and your partner to experience your sexuality unbridled , so if you’ve been going through a rough patch in bed, this is the time for you to put an end to it once and for all.

This spell can be your ally to rekindle the flame of passion , so combine it by preparing a romantic evening with your partner in which they will surely enjoy madly. The secret of this spell is that it is prepared based on ginseng, a root, which, among other benefits, helps fight erectile dysfunction and fatigue.

Prepare a romantic evening to check the effects Photo: Freepik
Prepare a romantic evening to check the effects Photo: Freepik

Materials for the spell of lust

  • Ginseng
  • Hibiscus
  • Ground or whole cinnamon
  • Six red candles

Preparation mode

  1. Make an infusion with ginseng and hibiscus
  2. Strain the cinnamon sticks directly into the infusion; if the choice is ground cinnamon, the ideal is to sprinkle it inside the tea
  3. Place the red candles around you and then drink the infusion

If you see that the tea seems bitter to you, you can surround yourself with the candles and pour it over as a bath (it will work in both ways).

They will unleash their passion Photo: Freepik
They will unleash their passion Photo: Freepik

Remember that using white magic to improve your relationship is an alternative that can give good results. Try and tell us the results.