Stashing Meaning A Sign Of A Toxic Relationship?

Stashing Meaning A Toxic Relationship Sign?

The tendency of stashing between couples and why it is a signal between being or not in a toxic relationship, alert

The connection between a relationship and social networks is minimal. Knowing the meaning of Stashing is perhaps a sign of whether or not you have a toxic relationship . Why?.

Today many things are defined by the number of likes and posts that are seen on social networks. Your partner may be stashing you and mindlessly leading you into a toxic relationship.

Everyone decides what to upload and what not to on social networks, but does your partner ignore your publications? Does he prefer to upload a plate of food than a photo with you?

Stashing and toxic relationships go hand in hand. Photo: Pixabay
Stashing and toxic relationships go hand in hand. Photo: Pixabay

Knowing if your partner is applying stashing to you is as easy as identifying if he hides you in all aspects, in social networks, with your friends, family, does not give you likes, apparently he does not see your posts in networks but if the one of the other people.

With these people, if he interacts, comments to them and if you put something in his publications, he does not comment on you, he always ignores you, he only does it when you come to tell him and he does it in a cold way.

And there are millions of people who do not like to update the networks but why does your partner take photos of a trip together but only upload those of the food, his or her alone and in the album you do not go, much less you are tagged and his answer is "I forgot to upload it"

Stashing is a trend among couples

But even though you may not notice it, perhaps it is attacking your mental health and leading you to a toxic relationship, it may not be thinking of you as a long-term partner, it has a great time with you but it is not yet ready for the "world real ”know about you.

Of course, time is defining many things, but if you already have the prudent thing, something may be happening that you must clarify before continuing to move forward, it can tell you not to take importance to the networks but, why if everything that makes you happy goes up you do not appear in any photo or publication? Maybe a meal for two people goes up, but it doesn’t tell you that he was with you?

This is something that experts point out you should not allow, being in a relationship where they make you feel inferior or that they do not exist is not acceptable.