Strong reasons why you can’t find your ideal partner

Strong reasons why you can't find your ideal partner

Sometimes we believe that we have bad luck in love and that this is the main reason why we do not find an ideal partner, we live in error

You haven’t been able to go out with someone for months, your relationships don’t last very long and it’s usually the other person who ends them, you just can’t find someone who makes you happy . What’s wrong with you? Do you have a curse or bad luck? None of that, but you are doing something wrong.

Although in recent times, finding true love has become an odyssey, it is more difficult, but not impossible , let us remember that love is something like trial and error and that much of what makes a successful relationship or a failure it is your essence and how you conduct yourself in it.

There are some strong reasons why you simply have not found your ideal partner and we must be honest with you, they are issues that have to do with your conception of love and what it is like to have a partner, that is why you must change this concept to be able to open the doors to love

Shyness . Yes, it does have to do with whether you are shy or shy, that you are embarrassed to talk to someone and that you do not have the confidence in yourself to take the first step, it does not matter if you are a woman, this is how you show that you take charge of your own life .

High expectations . Be careful with being demanding in high doses, it’s not bad that you want the best partner in the world, with everything you want, but sometimes being very demanding ends in you never finding someone who meets your standards.

Strong reasons why you can't find your ideal partner. Photo: Unsplash
Strong reasons why you can’t find your ideal partner. Photo: Unsplash

Make you a martyr. Get rid of those thoughts of "I’m not lucky in love", "I was not born to love", "I’m unbearable", "No one will love me with my character" because what you do is self-sabotage and yes, make yourself unbearable .

Wanting to do your holy will. You also become unbearable if what you are looking for is a man who is your slave instead of your partner, not accepting people as they are because you want them to be to your liking will take away your possibilities.

The fairy tales. If you are waiting for Prince Charming or for the same thing as your favorite romantic movie to happen to you, sit down because it may not happen, much less with the people you love, living in reality will make you have real relationships with people with real feelings.