Covid-19: IMSS reactivates digital permits due to incapacity in the face of a wave of infections

Covid-19: IMSS reactivates digital permits due to incapacity in the face of a wave of infections

To stop the wave of infections by Covid-19, the Mexican Institute of Social Security will reactivate digital permits due to disability, and here we tell you how you can do it

Given the increase in cases by Covid-19, the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) reported on July 6 that digital permits were reactivated due to incapacity in the face of a wave of infections, with the aim that workers who are affiliated can make the procedure for your 5-day disability much faster and more practical without having to go to the doctor.

Our predictions tell us that in the week of July 17 we will have the highest season of transmission in this fifth peak, which I would like to clarify that it is not at all what it was in the first nine weeks of the year, it is less but anyway we have to reduce the chains of transmission, said Dr. Hernández Ávila.

The way in which workers will be able to enter their data and receive their email regarding the confirmation of their permit will be through a QR Code that will be available at, in the IMSS Digital application for smartphones and in all medical units. This temporary incapacity must be notified in your company and that’s it.

IMSS reactivates digital permits due to disability. Photo: Pixabay
IMSS reactivates digital permits due to disability. Photo: Pixabay

The COVID 4.0 permit is a service provided by the Institute for affiliated workers. Its purpose is to help them quickly work on their disability without having to go to the doctor, without having to take a test and receive directly electronically the notification of the general sickness benefit that corresponds to them.

The idea is that we stay at home, minimize the chains of contagion and thus reduce this fifth transmission peak that we have in Mexico, explained the director of Economic and Social Benefits of the IMSS, Dr. Mauricio Hernández Ávila.

When processing the disability, the worker has to capture the captcha that appears on the screen, and then enter their personal data, their CURP, Social Security Number, INE and a positive Covid-19 test, if they have it. , all this must be in PDF or JPG format.

Once the information has been entered, the program will begin to interact with the worker to ask for bank details, they will enter a CLABE account and the confirmation is made to carry out the COVID permit. In this way, the worker will be granted legal permission to isolate himself for five days and receive a subsidy of 60% of the salary registered in the IMSS during the fourth and fifth days of disability. Said payment will be made to the registered account. Something very important to take into account is that once the application is processed, it can no longer be canceled.

It should be noted that if the worker had already had a Covid permit previously, it is possible to process another one again, but with the variant that the first was for 14 days, then for 7 and currently for five as a backup.

You are given proof of temporary disability, very similar to what is provided to the worker when he goes to the doctor and the same doctor prescribes temporary disability. This really is an innovation of the Institute to make it easier for workers to shelter at home and thus lower the chains of contagion, because in the end the worker also has to go to the bank, to the Family Medicine Unit, return, take the test and already had 10 or 15 contacts on that journey, so the idea is to stay at home, declared the director of Economic and Social Benefits.