The Intimate Secret Of Will Smith’s Wife In Their Marriage

The Intimate Secret Of Will Smith's Wife In Their Marriage

Jada Pinkett Smith with 22 years of marriage to actor Will Smith reveals a secret of their intimacy that has strengthened them as a couple

One recognized American actor admired for his work, charisma and simplicity is undoubtedly Will Smith, who has been married for 22 years and it is his wife who reveals a great intimate secret for their happy marriage.

Jada Pinkett Smith is the current wife of Will Smith whom he married in 1997 and since then they have had an excellent relationship, a marriage out of myths and more regarding intimate toys.

Like all couple relationships, this has had its ups and downs but never far from its purpose to get ahead. Jada Pinkett says that even intimate toys have been a support for her stable life.

Will Smith’s wife’s intimate secret in their marriage. Photo: AP

Perhaps this sounds a little crazy and even more so when in the 21st century there are still myths about what should and should not be used in bed or what some consider good or bad, in the end each relationship is unique.

Trust and communication is something key in lasting relationships and it is that within the entire universe that exists regarding intimacy with whom, more than with your partner, it is ideal to experiment.

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Will Sith has two children with Jada, Jaden 21 and Willow 18 years old who are fundamental to this family project together, all despite their popularity live in a common home doing everyday things.

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But one of the keys to their marriage is that it does not become routine and monotonous, and as the actress highlighted in an interview for The Sun, using these articles in privacy has helped them and considers that it is not bad to express it on the contrary is share an experience and not feel guilty for that.

"People seem to be bothered by the love I feel for toys, and I know perfectly well that I’m not the only one who turns to them. No one should feel embarrassed about it, so I am surprised that people have that kind of reaction to something so natural like intimacy, ”said Jada Pinkett.

Each person, regardless of whether they are a man or a woman, has the right to live their intimacy as they wish to experience without taboos, stop judging, point out but rather enjoy seeking the common good and more as couples.

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What the wife of Will Smith manifests with this is to leave behind the myths that surround the coexistence between two lovers and to get out of all this public scrutiny to which couples and society are subjected.

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