Raul Araiza Displays Romantic Moment With His Girlfriend

Raúl Araiza Exhibits Romantic Moment With His Girlfriend

El Negro Araiza wants to pamper his girlfriend at all times, so he does not hesitate to take her on a trip to spend a romantic moment together.

Very in love, Raúl Araiza exhibits a romantic moment with his girlfriend, with whom he has decided to spend more time and devote more attention to her, that is how he showed her on social networks and shouted what he felt for her from the rooftops.

Raúl Araiza opened the doors to love for the second time, after coming out of a divorce, he found María Amelia, with whom he wanted to try and to date they enjoy a romantic moment with an exquisite trip through one of the charming places in Mexico.

Determined to enjoy the great love they claim to have for each other, Raúl Araiza and his girlfriend took a getaway to forget about work and concentrate on giving more time to their relationship, they had a wonderful time.

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Raúl Araiza exhibits romantic moment with his girlfriend. Photo: Instagram.

El Negro Araiza continues to convince himself on a daily basis that he found the desire to believe in love again when he found María Amelia Aguilar, since their relationship is going from strength to strength, they are already over half a year together and are willing to make it work.

To celebrate that everything is going more than well in their relationship, the also co-workers, put aside the stress of Mexico City, as well as in confinement and chose to go on vacation to a representative city.

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato was the tourist destination chosen by the couple, Raúl Araiza was in charge of sharing the special moment with María Amelia on social networks, posting a snapshot where they are seen as happiest.

In the photograph you can see the couple in a restaurant, like a romantic date, the smile of María Amelia Aguilar could not hide the happiness she felt, as well as the driver, who also looked excited.

The photograph did not occupy any description, because their faces said more than a thousand words, immediately the publication reached 36,425 "Likes" and countless comments where they predicted happiness.

"Your girlfriend is super beautiful. They look super happy. How beautiful! May their happiness last through the ages. God Bless them," wrote one of the presenter’s followers, who is much loved by his audience thanks to his extensive career in the TV.

During their stay in Sn Miguel de Allende, Raúl Araiza and María Amelia have shared some photos on their Instagram stories where they go out alone enjoying their vacations, while colleagues and friends wish them the best during their trip.

Last July, Raúl Araiza and María Amelia celebrated 6 months of happy courtship and they are convinced that what both were looking for was a serious relationship that they have managed to build day by day, so they are enjoying every second of this relationship.

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