Daniel Arenas And Daniella Álvarez Shout Their Love With Pictures

Daniel Arenas And Daniella Álvarez Shout Their Love With Pictures

Although Daniel Arenas and Daniella Álvarez have preferred to have a dating relationship without showing it off so much on social networks, they made the exception and posted romantic photos.

As on the cover of a telenovela, Daniel Arenas and Daniella Álvarez shout their love with romantic photos on social networks and their fans melt at how in love and happy they are, and this couple has preferred to have a discreet courtship and without showing off so much when public, but this time they made the exception and many loved how cute they look together.

At the time of publicizing their relationship, their followers were so excited, this because they form a most spectacular couple , in addition to the fact that both of them dedicate very heartfelt messages on digital platforms, that is why every detail you have to Seeing their story melts, this time Daniel Arenas and Daniella Álvarez shout their love with romantic photos.

Daniel Arenas and Daniella Álvarez are still together and carrying out their courtship, this couple spoiled by their fans has only recently begun to write in the book of lovers, but everything is going smoothly, at least that is what they show with their posts where they spill honey and they are delighted with the stage they are living.

Daniel Arenas
Daniel Arenas and Daniella Álvarez scream their love with romantic photos. Photo: Instagram.

At the beginning of September, the actor of "My Husband Has a Family" announced and acknowledged that he had a dating relationship with the former beauty queen, to make it known, the actor behaved like a gentleman speaking wonders of his girlfriend and calling her his earthly angel, so from that moment they became one of the show’s favorite couples.

Since they began their courtship, little has been known about their love story, and it is that both decided to keep their romance away from the bickering that can be generated when they expose everything on social networks, so there are very few moments that share their followers through their profiles on digital platforms.

But when they dare to post something about the two of them, it is to make all those who follow in their footsteps very closely explode with honey, just as they did recently, Miss Colombia 2011 published a couple of photos in her feed. Instagram where the actor appears very caramelized, in the first pic he comes out hugging her around the waist.

Daniel Arenas
Photo: Instagram.

In the second image, the model appears holding Daniel Arenas’ neck and smiling towards the camera, while he looks at her with eyes full of love, in both photographs the two of the most elegant appear, and it is that these images despite the fact that barely He posted them, they have been taken for a long time, since they were captured at the inauguration of the Daniella Álvarez foundation.

"With you", that was the only word the model wrote when posting said photographs where Daniel Arenas looks like a prince with a blue tailored suit and she looks like a doll with a tight leather dress that highlighted her beauty, in this post The actor decided not to respond to such a romantic publication, but his fans complimented both of them.

Some mentioned to them that in their photos they look so in love that they look like the cover of a telenovela, several celebrities joined to congratulate them on their beautiful relationship, among them Mariana Seoane and Ana Martín, they wished them that they would stay together and wasting for many more years honey wherever they go and pose as the spectacular couple that they are.