Jason Momoa Made An Act Of Love To His Wife No Matter What They Say

Jason Momoa Made An Act Of Love To His Wife No Matter What They Say

Gentleman in the full extent of the word as they describe Jason Momoa the fashion heartthrob by taking the cold from his wife by lending her his jacket

Jason Momoa is considered in his 40s one of the men that many women dream of and showed at the Golden Globe awards ceremony that he is a gentleman with his wife and did not care what they say.

Although his style is a bit misaligned, long hair and beard but with an imposing body, the famous Aquaman is married to Lisa Bonet who, after feeling cold at the event, received her husband’s jacket regardless of whether he stayed in a hangover shirt .

Yesterday the Golden Globe awards were held, Jason Momoa and his wife arrived on the red carpet handsome, he in a green velvet tuxedo and she in an elegant dress made of somewhat light fabric with a discreet half-train hairstyle.

Jason Momoa covered his wife from the cold no matter what they will say. Photo: EFE

Despite having worn her hair down, a look complemented by several rings on her left hand and a necklace with a chain and jade stone, what was surprising was seeing her outstanding muscles in full swing despite going off the label.

There are those who, when they saw it on the screen, pointed out that he seemed to be leaving the gym, with that bun that accompanied him and that is because the reason he was like that was because of an act of love, he lent the jacket to his wife who suffered from cold.

When this went viral, especially the women melted with the act, since unconcernedly he continued to enjoy the night and applaud the winners, he put it on again when he took the stage with Lenny Kravitz’s daughter to present the award for best Supporting actress in a miniseries.

Jason has a beautiful love story, he said in an interview that he saw his wife for the first time on television and told his mother that he would marry her, it was in a jazz club that they met and they never separated now they have wonderful children and is a great father.

They have a girl and a boy, it is in those moments where such a spectacular man becomes almost perfect for being a loving father and a great husband and after this otherwise chivalrous act he has earned a step in the man of the year.

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